The rat files

I’ll be so glad when that annoying thing with the tail is gone. He’s interrupting my naps!

The exterminator came. He forgot the rat.

The exterminator came on Wednesday, and was here for a while doing some hunting of his own.

The human discovered that a lot of other neighbors were having the same problem- the exterminator said it’s not uncommon when there’s a s stream close-by. He did all kinds of things while he was here to solve the problem.

But he forgot to take the rat away.

In fact, after he left we really thought we wouldn’t see the little dustball again. But as soon as the house got quiet, He came running out to say hello and let us know he was okay.

How considerate.

Dude- I love this place. I think I’ll have the rest of the clan over for dinner!

The human, exhausted from all the work that little Brat has caused, had finally settled down for a coffee break after discovering the wreckage that turkey had made of an outside closet that he has entered because of a huge space under the bottom of the door, that forced her to have to throw away everything that was in the closet.

The rascal has chewed his way in through the wall from that closet outside.

Sitting on the couch with Sushi on her lap afterward, and enjoying her coffee, she heard a clink in the kitchen. Her blood pressure shot up a few hundred points since hubby was asleep, and there was no one else in the house,

She moved Sushi off her lap- (which Sushi got mad about), and went into the kitchen to find the little trouble- maker.

She couldn’t see him anywhere, though- and so she reached up to turn on the light over the stove. That’s when she saw it….

The tiny little rat head and paws on the back of the stove peeking out between the delicate little kitty tea set she keeps there and her new chef coffee mug that hubby bought her. He was hanging on the back of the stove frozen and looking at her.

Well, that was a mistake!

The only thing that saved her from going ballistic, is that the exterminator warned her that “it might take two or three days”. That’s too long!

My human says if he’s not gone by the fourth, she’s going to make him pay rent.

That should get rid of him for sure.


6 thoughts on “The rat files

  1. We had a mouse problem for a while and I tried blocking all the little spaces under the sink to no avail. I then tried a couple of those humane traps but the mouse was too smart. The internet said Irish Spring soap would repel mice but we found gnaw marks all over the bar of soap. We also tried peppermint but that didn’t work either. Eventually, the mouse just went away.

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    1. Lol! I’ve seen that truck about the soap and thought of trying it- I doubt it would work for this guy Either- he seems to think he’s a Navy seal or something- he hung on the back of the stove and stared at the Human as if he was waiting for his morning coffee and doughnut.

      She also saw in a YouTube video that growing peppermint in your yard would repel mice, rats, fleas and a whole bunch of other creepy crawlers- guess what? They lied-(or they haven’t met the ones in Oregon).

      Peppermint is growing all through our flowerbeds, and that rat doesn’t mind it at all.

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