Hey Mom. Remember Me?

You’ve been paying too much attention to Sushi lately.

So, I’m going to remind you how utterly adorable I am. I know I’ve been staying outside a lot lately, but my Mama has been coming to play- and Mocha (the siamese down the street that adores me) has been waiting for me to come out and play. And, well, he is handsome. So,….

Anyway, I haven’t been upset at you- I just love being out at night when its warm – (and when Mama and Mocha are out). So since I’ve been gone so much I decided to stay inside today so I could be near you and remind you how loveable I am. I know you didn’t forget- but I think Sushi did. This way, she’ll know she can’t just hog you all to herself.

I want to thank you for being such a good human to Sushi and me. Thank you for always grooming me and buying me good food and lots of treats and whipped cream. Thank you for taking me to the vet when you need to know I’m okay – (even though I cry), and for not letting the other cats pick on me. Oh, and thanks for always keeping those fleas off us, and for letting me take over all your favorite spots.

Now, for those reminders….

Next time Sushi tries to hog you all to herself, remember these okay? You and I both know I’m the cutest, but she’s bigger than me, so let’s just keep it our little secret. Okay, bye! Mocha’s waiting for me!

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


15 thoughts on “Hey Mom. Remember Me?

  1. Meowser Twilight dear furiend, I know exactly how frustrated you must be… all 3 pounds of Rumble get the lion’s share of attention around here, too… Granted the word I hear a lot if ‘no’, sometimes even “NO!!!”, … Rumble is having problems learning that electrical cords aren’t chewable… Hopefully the staff will recover from the cute kitten syndrome sooner rather than later.

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    1. Oh my cats! I didn’t realize I missed this comment! Sorry for taking so long to answer!

      I know what it is like for the tiniest one I’m the house to hog all the attention. It’s that darn “cuteness” factor. The Humans just melt every time. I hope the 3 pound delight stops chewing on cords. Tell him climbing up drapes can be a lot more fun-(but the Humans will find a reason to complain)!

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      1. I shall pass this information on, dear furiend. This morning, Rumble was out with Pops on a halter/leash training ‘safari’ in the yard… He has Pops wrapped around his paw… Anyway, their jaunt turned into Rumble’s first tree climbing lesson, too… Mango tree was the easiest, coconut tree was the most difficult and banana trunk was the stickiest.
        Purrseidon, who should have taken photos….

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    1. Oh she gets very jealous! I understand actually- being her previous owner didn’t give her much attention at all and she was always lonely and alone. That’s the reason I only smack her once a day-(when I try to play with her and she gets mad-I smack her).

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