Nurse Sushi Here…

Image by Irina Ilina from Pixabay

I’ve been faithfully taking care of our Can Opener.

I’ve stayed with her constantly since she burned her thumb and fingers and have waited on her when she needed help. For example, I followed Human #2 and kept barking at him when I knew The Can Opener needed something I couldn’t get. I barked at him when he got too close to her in bed too- (that’s my spot).

I follow her to the bathroom, and kitchen to make sure she comes back. I keep yelling at her to feed me so she’ll know she’s needed and won’t feel useless. I bark at her when she is making the bed because I want her to rest- (and because I’m laying on the covers and am getting flipping annoyed).

I barked at her today when she started trying to clean (the dummy)! And everytime she tried to get off the couch, I barked at her and planted myself on her lap so she had to sit there. (Besides, I have to get my snuggles and pets in somehow).

Then finally she sat on the bed to have her devotion and coffee, and Twilight came in to join us. I tried to be nice about it, but I sent her back outside to play with Romeo so I could have the human all to myself.

Well, Twilight didn’t agree. She swatted me, then interrupted our fight to scratch herself. Great timing, kid.

As for me, I just snuggled up closer to the Can Opener, and eventually Twilight ran off to find Romeo.

After Twilight left, the human brushed me and snuggled me until I fell asleep. Later, when I decided to let her get up, we had popcorn and watched a movie with Human #2. I ate more popcorn that the human did.

Then she went out to look for Twilight. Guess where she found her? Laying on her sister’s bench by her front door! She wouldn’t get up, either!

I don’t know what she would’ve done without me to keep her in line today. That girl is a flipping handful!

And now- I’m wiped out!


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