Twilight Talks

I hear that Sushi did some snaps of herself. HMPH!

Some cats are so immature!

I was busy about town last night, so I trusted Sushi to do a post for me for this morning. Then I found out she did some selfie snaps of herself to post.

Really? I like Sushi- (when we get along)- but I can’t believe she thought I’d like her doing that. I mean, that’s okay for a senior cat, I guess- maybe that gray mottled coat of hers means her brain is a little mottled too. But seriously, we Siamese (full-blooded or not), are just a tiny bit classier than that. Come to think of it, most cats of any kind are.

Most of us, anyway.

Watch it, You little Albino flea!

Purrsonally, I prefer something light-hearted to help you poor harassed, stressed out humans to chill out a bit. Most of you (especially since the virus came along), are all wound-up tighter than a cheap clock and could use a few laughs.

And even if you aren’t stressed out, laughter is great. And so are some helpful tips to help some of those clueless humans to know how to keep their cats happy. You’d be surprised to see how many humans around here have no clue what their kitties need, or how to make them feel happy and secure.

But hey- I’m late for my date with Mocha- so for now, I want to share this video with you. It’ll give you all some helpful hints at keeping your furballs happy and content (without losing what’s left of your sanity).

Grab some popcorn, and enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Twilight Talks

    1. After I exited the comments, all the pictures and the video popped up! Go figure. Anyway, I liked the suggestion to put some green tea leaves in the litter box. Heaven knows I have plenty of green tea! I think I’ll try it .

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