Twilight the Therap(urr)ist.

Good Morning Can Openers!

My not-so-new- Cat Career….

My post is late today, and it’s the Can Opener’s fault- But that’s okay, because it gives me a chance to show her my awesome Therapurrist skills.

I started a post late last night, but the human had gone to the doctor because of some fiery pain that had started shooting down her neck and into her shoulder and arm a couple of days ago at random times…

The doctor said the whole band of muscles at the back of her neck and across her shoulders was locked up, and to put lots of heat on it, (among other things)- so when she got home she kept the heat wrap draped around her neck constantly and then got sleepy (from the muscle relaxer and the heat), and for some reason she just wouldn’t type for me. Kind of selfish, I think – since she knows I have a hard time typing with paws!

She must have moved too quickly with a weight in her workout before this started. Sushi and I are always telling her she doesn’t need to work out, she can just play with us- (picking up Sushi is enough of a workout)….

You’ll have to catch me first, slug.

Anyway, I’m making sure to give her lots of therapy this morning -(the human, not Sushi- I have something else to give her)- and the human is lavishing me with love because I’m doing such a great job….while the boulder (Sushi) sleeps.

That ought to fix me up with enough treats for the next year….


I think I’m in love….


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