Whiny Wednesday

No thanks, Mom. I think I’ll stay inside.

It’s my favorite time to go out and hunt… but it’s too hot.

I think my whiskers are steaming. My paw pads are sticky, and when the Can Opener watered the grass and flowers, I ran under the water instead of away from it! (Then I yowled at her for getting me wet, of course, because I’m a cat, and it’s the respectable “cat thing” to do).

I found my favorite spot under my favorite bush, but it’s too hot there too. And besides, all the neighbors are out and making noise and that’s not good for impressing my boyfriend with my hunting skills.

I guess I get to impress him with my hiding skills then. I’m going to find a cool, comfy place down by the stream to cool off and do some duck watching – but I don’t want him to know where it is, because he’ll decide it’s his favorite spot too, and then I won’t be able to hide when I want to.

If all else fails, I’ll have to go in where the critters are- and play hide and seek with them. Then again– maybe I don’t mind sharing my spot by the stream after all.


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