How to Train your human.

There are certain rules that any self-respecting cat should insist on.

Twilight’s Illustrated guide to the top 10 Cat Rules….

When a cat enters a new home, its critical to lay down a few ground rules that the humans are expected to follow. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Rule 1.) Never let them put you on a diet!
Rule 2.) Watch what they do online so they can’t sneak a dog in the house.

Rule 3.) Never let them leave you with Grandmayou’ll have PTSD for the rest of your life.

Rule 4.) Don’t try too hard to please them. It upsets them and then you don’t get treats.

Rule 5.) Don’t let them cramp your style!
Rule 6.) Don’t let them hog all the coffee!

Rule 7.) Deny Everything.
Rule 8.) If there isn’t a back-up Can Opener in the house, make sure they get another one FAST.

Rule 9.) Try to liven things up. Humans can be SO boring.
Rule 10.) Life is short. Leave your mark!


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