Tuesday Musings

Photo by JÉSHOOTS from Pexels
I’m letting the Can Opener sleep in today.

But I won’t let her get used to it.

The reason I’m letting her sleep in, is because yesterday her sister had a medical crisis and went to the hospital, and I hardly saw her at all until later in the day. She was busy comforting and taking care of her sister from the time she woke up- (it had started the night before)- until late last night.

I’m letting her sleep in to keep her here for a while. Then when I’ve had my snuggles, grooming, playtime, breakfast and treats, I may wake her up and let her do her thing.

Bottom line is, the Can Opener owes me extra cuddles and treats and a boatload of whipped cream. I might demand a can of tuna too. That was not cool. Both Sushi and I were not happy. We don’t mind her helping her sister, but we had to be stuck with the dry cereal in our dish for hours until things got stabilized, and then when she came home she was busy cleaning.

Really, human?

I’m wiped out from watching her run around!

She was also very upset, because her sister had been severely dehydrated and was in distress, and the emt’s said she needed to go to the hospital. Once they took her to the ER- (no one was allowed to stay with her)- they just left her in the lobby and she was cold, crying, in pain and scared. There were only two other people in the E.R., but somehow she had to wait from 11:00 -3 pm before she was even taken to a room. That’s a long time for a person in crisis to have to sit alone waiting for someone to even come and take them to a room to be evaluated.

But 4 hours later she was taken to a room and evaluated, and today is doing better. Tons of fluids, and stabilized, she’s back home and starting to look more like herself.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

It’ll be a week or more before her sister is really okay- but Sushi and I won’t be letting the Can Opener out of our sight again for a while.

And if she thinks we’re going to let her sleep in again in the morning, she has another think coming.

Not this time, human.
Get up and feed us!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings

    1. It is so weird. The ambulance attendants told her every hospital and urgent care clinic was full to the max with covid patients- and that she needed to go (her lips and fingers were turning blue)- but she would have to wait. So they sent her to the closest ER where they thought she wouldn’t have to wait as long. The odd thing was, when she got to the ER – there were only 4 other people there! And two of those were only there for dialysis treatments! There were only TWO people there besides her in the whole waiting room that were ER patients. And one had a migraine, the other had a wound.

      She had had diahrrea and vomiting and stomach pain for 3 days straight with no medicine helping her. She was literally dehydrated, her heart was racing, she couldn’t get enough oxygen (and she has asthma and had already used her medicine for that)- was diaphoretic, and drenched, and the ER had fans blowing everywhere.

      She was brought in, left in the waiting room and the emts told the receptionist (or whoever they tell)- what her symptoms and vitals were, and just left her there. Whoever they talked to didn’t even speak to her, or offer her a warm blanket or a box of kleenex. They didn’t even acknowledge her. At one point, she raised her hand and called the person behind the desk to ask for a blanket and they looked away.

      The security guard brought her some kleenex, and made the person get her a blanket. And the patient in the waiting room with the migraine, came over and told her not to think about going to our other major hospital, because she would have to wait even longer. Then she offered to pray with her.

      I was livid. My sister would lay down her life for others. And to see her so disregarded from 11:00 am -3:00 pm in a hospital EMERGENCY ROOM – when there were only two other patients there (who were not in obvious distress with blue fingers and tears streaming down their faces)- is inexcusable. And where were all the “covid patients” that were supposedly clogging the waiting room? I might add also, she was required to wear a mask all that time too- which was soaking wet.


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