Girl’s Day with Sheba…

I’m not so sure what to do with this snake….

It’s time to catch up on the cat gossip around here.

I’ve been wondering who the pretty new solid gray cat is with the white bib and white paws. It moved in across the street a while ago, but it stays mostly inside. That kind of hampers my attempts to get to know anything about him/her. So, I did what humans do when they want to get the goods on their neighbors. I decided to have a girls’ day lunch!

Since Sheba and Twilight are always running all over the place, I knew at least one of them would be able to enlighten me. Only one problem. It would require the Can Opener’s cooperation, since I can’t open a can. I had to convince the Can Opener that eating outside is as nice for me as it is for her and the Critters.

Lucky for me, she went along with it! Twilight was suspicious, though- she doesn’t trust Sheba (Sheba’s trying to take over the human)- So she just sat there and the Can Opener finally took her dish in so I wouldn’t eat it for her. How rude!

Speaking of being rude, Sheba wouldn’t tell me anything. She simply ate, burped, then stretched out next to me and went to sleep. Just to get even, I snored as loud as I could.

Then she got up and left. Twilight had already headed down to the stream, so I was left all alone. That little plan didn’t get me the information I wanted, so I’ll have to figure a way to get the human to let me stay out all night with Twilight and Sheba.

Wow. That was a lot of work. Time for my nap.

Maybe that new cat will come out and wake me up!


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