The Attack of the Sprinkler

Gee, Thanks Mom! Turn that thing off!

These Humans and their sprinklers drive me crazy!

There’s nothing as annoying as chasing a squirrel and getting blasted by a cold sprinkler! There are sprinklers set up everywhere and turned on at different times. How’s a cat supposed to plan a hunt? I had to find a place to get away from it without getting wet all over again, and then I saw it… the swing set- my new cat tree and scratching post!

It can’t get me up here!

This is a nice little hangout. No wonder the critters love it. But now it’s mine! And the best part is, Sushi can’t get up here to take it from me! MWAHAHAHAHA!

That got me thinking. There are lots of other things humans do that cats really don’t like. This might be a good time to show you what they are. Watch this while I go get my popcorn!


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