Fab Friday Felines

It’s cold outside! So Sushi and I are all snuggled up under the heater. Human can take over now.

It’s Friday! Time to feature some Fabulous Felines (besides Sushi and I, that is).

Sushi’s motto
Happy FURiday!


4 thoughts on “Fab Friday Felines

    1. they stopped the bleeding and set her home without surgery (and with her uterus intact) the first night. And told her father to bring her back if there were any new problems. She seemed fine until 3:00 that morning and she started hemhorraging again so he rushed her to the hospital. This time they took her into surgery and tried to stop the bleeding. Again, it seemed to fix the problem. But they had decided to keep her there a few days just in case – for observation, and early yesterday evening she started hemhorraging AGAIN. They rushed her back into surgery and this time they said the balloon they had inserted into her uterus had ruptured her uterus. They were going to fix that last night/ or early this morning, but I haven’t heard anything else yet.Still praying. I’ll be so happy when the whole family can finally relax and know she’ll be okay.


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