What a boring day!

The Tiny One is here- but sick.

My Can Opener has been tied up all day busy with other things like the Critters -(the biggest one takes care of herself for the most part and does her online live classes)- the Tiny one however, is sick. And just isn’t herself today.

The thermometer flashed yellow! Fever of 99.3

…So my playtime has flown right out the window! I don’t like seeing the Tiny one sick- but she hasn’t even been wanting to play all day- and she was offered all her favorite foods at breakfast but couldn’t eat them.

She’s always drawn to me and Sushi from the minute she walks in the door- but today she didn’t even notice us!

Get well quick, Tiny one! I need some playtime!

The Can Opener is taking good care of her, but I’m helping too- the Tiny One is my personal treat dispenser – she has to be protected at all costs!!


18 thoughts on “What a boring day!

      1. Thank you dear friend! She still has a fever of 100.3 this morning. She’s getting lots of cool bubblebaths and cuddles and is practicing her Nintendo skills (and playing with Serafina and Abby). I sure miss the little turkeys.

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      2. Oh her Mom (and Dad)- are my fitness coach(es) with Beachbody- believe me, they’re constantly having her drink water and lots of Outshine (real fruit) bars in place of popsicles- I do the same when the girls are here! But yesterday her throat hurt so much she cried when I reminded her to take a little water. All I have to tell her though, is “Daddy wants you drink some more water”- and her eyes tear up, but she’ll do it too please her daddy!! She really IS a real sweetheart

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      3. Oh thank you! I’m going to buy some! It broke my heart to see her so miserable and unable to eat when I knew she was hungry. Her fever was up more all day today, but a few minutes ago I got a video message with her on her Mom’s lap, laughing and sending me videos- and now she’s back to her chatty self!

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      4. If you can’t find that particular brand, look for something that contains black elderberry. If/when we feel a sore throat ‘coming on’ we suck on one and that generally allows us to avoid an all-out sore throat… I avoid saying ‘always’, but I can’t recall a time when sucking on one of those to avoid a full-fledged sore throat didn’t work for me.

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