Serafina and the Tiny One

I’m wiped out! But I think the Tiny One is getting better…

Serafina the Intensive Care (Cat) Nurse

I contacted Serafina on catbook to see how the Tiny One is doing now. She was so sick on Friday, that she didn’t talk at all, she couldn’t play, she cried if she was offered food and water, and she had a fever that didn’t want to go away. The Can Opener and the Critters’ Mom and Dad prayed for her and gave her lots of love and cuddles, and all day Saturday she still had fever- (even higher)- but they took good care of her and Serafina decided to take over playing her guardian angel when she got home.

Serafina became a purring heating pad for the Tiny One and assisted her in changing the channel on the Nintendo switch by laying on the controls for her. She also helped her get plenty of water by being sure to “accidentally” bump her water bottle over so she’d get a few sprinkles when she was reluctant to drink.

Then she set about to make her laugh by tickling her face with her whiskers when the Tiny One laid down for her nap. When she took her bath, Serafina followed her and sat on the side of the tub helping her by testing the bubbles to let Mama know when she should add more bubbles. She also pawed any toys off the side of the bathtub that were reluctant to dive into and play, which delighted the Tiny One and made her shriek with laughter and splash harder -(making sure Mommy also got plenty of water, since it’s hard work to take care of a little one who isn’t feeling well).

By the end of the day, The Critter was laughing and getting into mischief again and was back to her sweet, funny, cuddly little human self. Therefore, I’m sounding the alarm for all the cats in the neighborhood. Serafina says it’s only fair to give them some advance warning.

Meanwhile, Sushi and I are getting lots of sleep while we can- and we recommend the Can Opener does too. She’s going to need all the rest she can get!


15 thoughts on “Serafina and the Tiny One

      1. Yes- and now her Mama is feeling sick- both The Tiny One’s parents work from home- I can’t imagine sitting at a computer all day working for a health insurance company when you are sick and miserable and trying to take care of a sick toddler too

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    1. Thank you! Her fever went down- but was back up again last night. And last night her mom said she’s now battling the sore throat- I can’t imagine how hard it is to work from home when you’re sick and taking care of a sick child too

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      1. Yes- my husband is sick and has been for months with some “unknown” something that they are “pretty sure isn’t cancer”- but his care keeps getting pushed down the road “because of Covid”- he has almost constant abdominal pain-(which they won’t give him anything for)- and is generally miserable every day- he has an appointment with a specialist in November- over the phone- he has already had to wait months for that appointment.

        Meanwhile I’m doing my best to take care of him, watch our granddaughters, home school them (connections academy)- and maintain a blog that I need to be making money with.

        Bless you for taking care of your mother! I do my best to eat right, and I work out 5 days a week. It’s hard to make the time but I do it because we are 62 and everyone needs me. And I think it’s my best defense against whatever is coming down the road

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