It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for the nice heat wrap, human. It makes a great pillow.

Our human woke up with pain in her back- so she got her coffee and sat down on her bed with her nice, warm heat wrap to lean against while she groomed me this morning.

At least that was her plan. But she made the mistake of leaving the wrap on the bed right next to me, so I decided to make sure it stayed nice and toasty until she came back.

I never said I would give it back. When she came back with her coffee and sat on the bed, she got comfy then noticed her wrap had disappeared. I pretended to be asleep so she wouldn’t take it from me.

I had no idea a heated pillow would feel so heavenly. I couldn’t help kneading my paws into it as I drifted off to sleep. Anyway, it wasn’t my fault that it was so warm and fuzzy and smelled like lavender. But right when I was thinking how nice it was that she let me rest on it, she decided she needed it, and woke me up by taking it away.

I was just about to object loudly, when I noticed that she had something in her hand that wasn’t coffee- treats! Well, they aren’t warm and fuzzy, but they’re delicious- so I settled and let her have it back.

No guarantees for tomorrow, though.


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