Thursday Therapy

Okay, we’re bored out of our minds, here.

Our Can Openers aren’t feeling well.

I’m not bored, I’m sleepy- and you’re keeping me awake.

The Back up Can Opener went two days with no fever, but now it’s back. And our Mom isn’t feeling like her usual self, either- but she doesn’t have a fever. She’s still taking care of everyone- so prayers would be appreciated.

Sushi and I are trying to cheer them up- and get them back to normal, and they say laughter is good medicine, so Sushi and I are posting some memes to make them laugh. We would be playing nurse, but we’re much more interested in our usual play sessions- which aren’t happening. So, maybe this, and all the green tea and lemons and strawberries they’re having will help them get back to normal. Enjoy!


21 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy

  1. Oh meow is me, purrs and purrayers are being held for them! By any chance do you either have fennel seeds or star anise in your spice cupboard? Making either of those into tea is apparently helpful for spike proteins as well as other ailments.
    Utsava says to ‘drink two liters of spring water a day and add lemon juice. Consider drinking teas (don’t use metal while cooking only glass or porcelain).” For more information, you can visit her website under ‘Health protocol’. I also consult with health concerns as a certified health care professional.

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    1. Thank you!! No- we don’t have either of those- but I can order some today- I have been drinking hot water with the juice of a half lemon, and lots of green tea (also with lemon)- and taking lots of vitamin c, d – and drinking lots of filtered water

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      1. Those are all good, zinc is super good to strengthen the immune system, too. Avoid masks, as those things weaken the immune system…. Mom keeps talking about having a mask burning (yes, she is that opposed them them, and for good reason), but I think that is silly because she would need to buy and/or somehow acquire a mask in order to burn the thing.

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    1. Yes it is- my Can Opener started throwing up last night and told me she wasn’t going to let me stay out when she went to bed-(it’s cold and rainy)- because she didn’t want to get up and down to keep trying to bring me in-(how inconsiderate)!
      But I took care of that- when she went to bed, I hopped on the bed and pretended she was a racetrack! She got up and let me out!! Mol!

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