Twilight’s Meme Monday

Fine, I’ll get off of Pinterest- for now!

It’s Monday again- and my post is late.

Of course, it’s the Can Opener’s fault- she’s still not feeling back to normal yet- so she slept in, in spite of Sushi’s and my insistence that she get up and play with us. So since she wasn’t entertaining us, I got on her computer to find some Monday memes to entertain myself with. I sure hope she doesn’t find out about my purchase from petco…

For your encouragement! You are not alone!


6 thoughts on “Twilight’s Meme Monday

    1. Thank you- I am feeling better in some ways- and hubby is feeling better. But I watched the girls yesterday for the first time since getting sick and when they went home my chest and throat was so irritated and sore from taking all day- I decided I’d better wait before watching them again- barely have a voice abs I have a terrible headache

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