The Grinch is at it again

Think your having A Merry Christmas? Not if I can help it!

Biopsy Results due today (=) Sleepless night


16 thoughts on “The Grinch is at it again

    1. I got back from the hospital and got to bed late- the doctors have given the impression that there’s not they can do. It’s cancer- we’re just waiting to find out what kind and what treatment options (if any) there are. I’ll post again as soon as I can. Right note just trying to function


      1. Cancer has been curable for decades – big pharma and their puppet doctors don’t want you to know that, though. Study vibration, eat/drink an alkaline diet and ask the divine to heal…. Surely anyone who can raise the dead shouldn’t have an issue with something simple like cancer! Again, look into black seed oil, you might also want to see if ASEA water could help. Vitamins and veggies are better than chemo (purrsonal opinion) Roger Stone’s wife, Nydia was diagnosed with cancer – they chose homeopathic/holistic and all natural therapies – you might want to look up what they picked, but I heard it was peptides, vitamin C, d and b-17 plus some other stuff that has a good record, like black seed oil…. Supposedly she is now cancer-free, so we know this is possible for nature as well as God.
        Purraying – Purrseidon

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      2. From what I’m hearing, they work. My dear furiend, Charlie is now 16, which is getting old for a poodle. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and given a few weeks to live. His mom took him home and got a vibration machine – never took him back that that v e t. Charlie seems to have recovered, but due to no v e t, there is no solid scientific evidence of this.

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  1. Cricket here, the official cat and yes, Itty Bitty, Slash, Moe and Swoosh those who seek to steal the attention that should be mine alone, and especially our human typing,are all keeping you in our healing thoughts and prayers.


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