Still not home

I’ve been digging around looking everywhere- but he’s still not home.

January 1st Chemo

The days have seemed to all blend into one very long day. At the other hospital where the cancer was found and diagnosed, visitors were allowed, so our Can Opener was gone for hours every day staying at the hospital with the Back-up Can Opener.

But a new blood clot (and the same old misery with pain and struggling to breathe), sent him back to ER the day after Christmas. This hospital doesn’t allow visitors – So from the time he was admitted the day after Christmas until the 1st- our Can Opener wasn’t allowed to visit him.

Bleeding and two more transfusions later, the blood clot couldn’t be taken care of yet. Blood thinners aren’t a good idea when bleeding continues elsewhere. And surgery in this case, wasn’t an option.

After several failed attempts to stop the bleeding, they decided to attack it by attacking the tumor- with Chemo. It started Jan.1. Finally, after calling repeatedly every day, to get permission to visit when he said he was nervous about the chemo, they finally allowed our human to go see him. Today it is finally done. (First dose).

When is he coming home, human?

The Can Opener hasn’t been getting much sleep- so Sushi and I have been working overtime (without pay), to keep her distracted. Sushi does it by proving herself to be a true feline, leaving her presents in the floor (hairballs). I do my part by attacking her feet the second she kicks her shoes off, walking on the laptop, and hopping up on back of her chair at the desk.

She keeps herself busy when she can’t be with him at the hospital, and she’s been praying a lot. Along with all their friends and family.

We see her get her workout mat and put it down and Sushi and I immediately warm it up for her by sharpening our claws on it, and I help coach her. But nothing feels normal. She still works out to manage her stress and stay healthy- but we don’t like that he’s not here. Neither does the rest of the family.

The Tiny One’s new Princess shoes

And the little Critter turned 5 yesterday, and her Grandpa wasn’t able to be here for her birthday or see her in her Princess outfit. She knows he’s in the hospital, and she knows what’s wrong. But she’s only 5 so she doesn’t “know.”

You know?


23 thoughts on “Still not home

  1. Still purraying!
    Did your back up can opener have the jab and/or was he around people who did and were shedding spike proteins? That might account for those clots… and if so, suramin, found in several organics, like pine bark and/or needles, star anise, etc. might be helpful, but it isn’t helpful that your main can opener can’t see him. That’s just plain wrong!
    Research suramin sources, if you think they could help – Dr. Judy Mikovits, who was a top virologist, until Fauci targeted her for telling the truth was the first to mention this – bet you could find a video clip of her mentioning suramin

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    1. I’ve reminded the Can Opener too find some and learn more about it- abs one of her grown Critters had her ask the doctor about “turkeytail” mushrooms ( she said “if there was more time that would be worth looking into,…”

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  2. Guud Greef yore PawPaw Can Opener iss sure goin thru H*LL-) Kitty!! Wee purrayin an send quadrupell POTP that hee can reecovurr!
    Poor Meowmy Can Opener shee must bee havin ‘kitty fitss’!!
    An Twilight an Sushi yore doin a pawsum job diss-tractin her!
    Wee are here fore youss’!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. Thank you dear friend. We’re going to try to get the human to part for us tomorrow. Sometimes when she writes what we dictate to her and makes her laugh- and Sushi and I think she needs a lot of laughter right now, but she won’t do it without help. So we’ll help her!


  3. Your Can Opener is doing a heroic job of Being There for everyone. ANd you two are helping her more than you know with your cuddling. We continue our purrs and purrayers for all concerned.

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