Morning Coffee with Twilight

Sorry Mom- I get Daddy’s bear now. He said so.

You can have the coffee- give me the bear!

The Can Opener has been sleeping in lately. Probably making up for not being able to sleep for more than a couple of hours a night for the last month or more.

The problem is, if she sleeps late, we get fed late. But we’ll live- especially Sushi- she’s a large storage tank. I don’t think the diet thing is working for her- I haven’t seen her lose as much as a whisker!

The Can Opener is trying to carry on as usual, (what choice does she have, really)- but some days are harder than others. We know it’s going to take a while and we’re trying to be patient. Today I’m going to post some random memes to make her laugh. That is, if she can slow down long enough to read them!

I’m going to make the Can Opener rest today- (after she feeds us, of course). Have a good day- and keep those purrayers coming, please.


18 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Twilight

  1. Ah, yes, getting awake for sure is a lot different than gettng out of the bed! LOL! Petcretary is good at that lazy need to just stay there thing too, esp on the mornings after she worked her shift at the nursing home.

    Those are all cute memes.

    You are thought of and prayed for a lot, ♥

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    1. Our Can Openers-(both of them)- used to work in n nursing homes also. They were always notoriously understaffed-(I hate to think what it’s like now since COVID!)- that’s one reason why our Can Opener is so relieved she was able to care for him at home. It would’ve been so much harder for her-(and him)- if he’d had to go there to die. I know the staff does the best they are able-(most of them, that is)- but there is only so much that ONE person can do in an 8 hour period when they are understaffed and there are so many under their care.

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      1. You got that right. Last evening was one of the few times we actually had a full staff in a LONG time. Looking after 8 peeps instead of 12 or 16 makes a ton of difference in the care we can render. Though I still was very busy and was there well past my end of shift.
        There s never a dull moment there, and each shift could write a book!

        Covid for sure has totally upset our normal doings and right now we seem to be in a new state of normal. Since I am well past the age of almost everyone who works there, I might not ever see the end of this pandemic before I retire, it just will not go away. My thought is that one of these days we will just deal with it like we do with seasonal flu and other contagious issues. We have had flu outbreaks in there, as well as noro virus, and other junk…nursing homes are such germ factories! Other than an odd cold, I have not caught anything there even after over ten years…except for one bout of noro virus, when a resident suddenly without warning or knowledge of her being ill, vomited all over me. YUCK!

        I am glad your hubby was able to be in the comfort of his own home with his loved ones all around in his last days. Bless you and the great hospice helpers who supported you and him in this journey.

        May God be with you.

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      2. I’m so glad for him too- it was an honor to be able to provide his care until the last moment- although it meant little sleep- and an aching back- I would do it all over again. Because he deserved the very best.

        In the places where we worked, there were as much as thirty residents- and sometimes only the two of us showed up for work- but the residents’ needs (of course), didn’t change to accommodate the staff levels. People just deserve better than that.

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      3. I love to make the ones I have on my list to laugh, and if I can just get a non communicative resident to smile a bit, that makes my day, and it makes the work go better, too.
        I love when I go in a room to care for someone who needs ‘total care’, that their eyes light up when they see me…its like sunshine on their faces.
        When I care for one lady with severe dementia, singing seems to be a great way to distract her from the necessary unpleasant tasks.

        Since I live far away from any family, these peeps in long term care are my ‘adopted’ family, so I try to care for them in that frame of mind:)


  2. THE Memess’ are grate Twitlight!! THE Coffee one iss our feverite…
    BellaSita Mum has been known to give mee my snax food fore brekkei…iss sorta odd. Howefurr mee does not mind an will eat it…
    Wee send POTP an more purrayerss to yore Meowmy. One day at a Time….1 hour at a Time if need bee 😉
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. Thank you! One day at a time is the way she’s dealing with it. The last couple of days were harder- things are slowing down and it gives her more time for those unpleasant images to keep popping up in her mind-(and in her phone). She’s trying to remember to sing praise to the Lord when these things happen- because it’s impossible to sing praise To God and be overwhelmed with sadness and anxiety at the same time. 💓


  3. We send purrayers and POTP to everyone who cares for others. One of our friends from high school died of a brain tumor in 2017 and was cared for at home by her husband and three daughters (who all had their ownfamilies as well.) It is an incredibly loving “job” to undertake as one of the last acts you can perform for the loved one.

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    1. Yes- that’s true. And two of our daughters have families of their own- and though our youngest has no family of her own, she and the others all dropped everything (literally)_ to come and be with him and help me until his last breath. I am so proud of our daughters- they know what it means to truly LOVE.


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