Sushi’s Monday

The Can Opener needs some time. We’re making her rest. Please bear with us.

Our Can Opener has had a lot going on, and lots of visitors.

We’re making sure she’s resting whether she likes it or not. (She doesn’t).

Therapy never worked for me, either.
Somebody needs therapy.
Just so you know, this is not about me or Twilight…

We’ll be back soon!


17 thoughts on “Sushi’s Monday

    1. Thank you dear friend -the Can Opener has been trying to get back into the routine of things-(only without the Critters being here now)- and it’s not working very well. Sometime by the time she can take time to type for us, she’s half asleep. Can’t imagine why!


    1. (Sushi)-Well, I’ve had kittens In my day -(several litters)- and there was this one tom cat that thought he was something special,…. And I’ll tell about him one day- he’ll never do that to another cat, for sure! I fixed him!!

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      1. (Sushi)- Well, I’ll have to tell that story as soon as I can get the Can Opener to settle down and start feeling like herself again.

        She’s trying- but we think she’s trying too hard too soon. Everybody keeps telling her that. She never listens! Teenagers!

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    1. She plans to post today- but she also has to go to the funeral home-and the Critters will be here most of the day- so it may be late- please pass it on if you can- and thank you for hanging in there with us! Have a blessed, purrfect day!

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