Sushi’s Hunt for Love

I’m tired of hanging around with just Twilight. That girl has mental problems. I’ll be minding my own business (sleeping), and that little brat will come up and swat the fleas right off me just because she wants to play. I think it’s time to find myself a handsome boyfriend to defend me against the little white tornado!

So, I’m taking advantage of technology to help me find a handsome boyfriend. Just hope the Can Opener doesn’t catch me playing with her iPhone! Let’s see if these snaps will help me find a handsome Tom…

Of course, I don’t want to look too sweet- I don’t want to attract the wrong kind of tom and find out he has a harem and 300 kittens someplace, because I know he’ll treat me the same way and I’ll have to knock his stripes off and then start all over again- and then, with my luck his 300 kittens will come complain because I kick his furry butt.

Oh! I got a snap from a secret admirer! Let’s see what he looks like!

Oh, I’m so excited! And I’ll tell Twilight I saw him FIRST! She can find her own boyfriend!

Oh, heck no! What the heck is THAT?

Sorry, furface- you’re not my type!

Hey, Twilight! I found a boyfriend for you!! He’s CUTE!

I think I’m going to start over- and find myself a handsome tiger.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Now, that’s more like it…. I need his number! Meow.


13 thoughts on “Sushi’s Hunt for Love

  1. Mee-yow Sushi iss hard to fina d guud mancat these dayss!!!
    Mee has mee mancat SPIKE way over inn Scotland….hee iss so sweet.
    An mee has a crushie on Ernie inn U Es A….
    Due you know Teddy from One Spoiled CAt?? Hee iss so lovelee an well mannered!
    An there iss Brody from 15andMeowing blog. Hee iss purrty kewl…..
    An thre iss Otis from Homestead Prowlerss…a hansum tabby man cat….
    Maybee mee shuud start a datin sirvice 😉
    Guud Luck Sushi!
    An pleese do not date THE white Monkey….hee probably throwss his own poopie! 😦
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Pipo sounds purrfect- Minko “the life of the party” would probably annoy the fur right off me-he sounds like the purrfect match for my annoying white Tornado who’s always swatting me when I’m sleeping! One of these days, she’s gonna pay…

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