Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image by Sa Ka from Pixabay

Sushi, The Can Opener and I want to say Have a GREAT Valentine’s Day!

Oh, for Heaven’s sake! Knock it off!
We love you all!
Okay, Sushi- we know you’re cute.

Hey! Enough with Snapchat!! Just say
“Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image by Press 👍👍 Love you 💖 from Pixabay

Remember, LOVE, respect and tenderness – seasoned with grace and forgiveness-

is the whole point of Valentine’s Day.


23 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you! It helps that my Critters are here today so I have someone to spend the day with and pamper. They truly are so sweet and full of love and life! They fill my days with laughter- I hope you and your family are having a good Valentine’s Day! ❤️🌹


  1. Meowser Happy Valentines Day to all… purrticularly your dear Can Opener, who needs lots and lots of purrs and cuddles… dear furiends, can openers often return this attention with treats, so it is a win-win way!

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      1. MOL! I’m glad my Can Opener finally had the first session of grief counseling today- maybe now she’ll finally remember to go to the store and get my flipping Redi Whip! I’ve been deprived for breakfast and lunch and in between lunch and second lunch and dinner and second dinner!!!

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      2. HORRORS!!!!! I also admit that I had too think hard for what Redi Whip was… we have a gizmo that the chef puts real whipped cream in and adds an odd cartridge to…. a good shake and voila that cream gets whipped!!!!… In case you’re interested, I looked up the gizmo on Amazon – this is the thing we have; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LGCRT98?

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      3. Oooh NICE!! When the Can Opener gets her coffee this morning, I’ll “accidentally” walk across the keyboard and order some (that’s how I manage to have treats keep “popping up” at the front door when she hasn’t ordered them )! Mol!😹

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      4. Good plan! One way I managed to get mine was to show the chef a coffee topped with whipped cream, but she really got interested in the hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

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