12 thoughts on “JUST HAVE TO SHARE

  1. I found the comments after the video interesting. I had never heard of whisker fatigue. I’ve seen the not so strays do this with water and once or twice when I was feeding them wet food but never the dry. I do feed them in large take plastic take out containers though. But it was hilarious to watch.

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    1. Whisker stress is really irritating- our humans didn’t know about it for a long time either. Thank heavens she finally figured it out! Our whiskers are very sensitive. I’m going to tell her to do a post on that soon!


    1. So glad you like it! One of my daughters sent that in our family text thread (we call it family fun) and only post funny things in it – (we started this right away to help us all keep each other laughing) and not letting ourselves get overcome with grief. When I saw that, I couldn’t resist sharing it. I watched it several times first!


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