We’re Just Too Cute. Really!

Hey, Sushi- how about you write our post for tomorrow? I just want to lay here and watch for My Mama to come for dinner- That way the Can Opener has more time to prepare a feast for Mom and me
What? But I’m taking a nap!
Well, fine. I need a snack now anyway- and besides, SOMEBODY needs to write about our cuteness- (mine, specifically)!

“Once upon a time, there was a Siamese cat, and a beautiful, highly intelligent Tortie, (who was also very beautiful and smarter than the little flea Siamese, and their human liked the Tortie more than the little white flea uh- other cat,….and…”


Twilight, why did you do that!!!! It’s all your fault! And now my paws are hurting and I don’t want to type all that again- and anyway, everybody knows I’m the cutest…

Oh forget it! I’ll do it later- I need another nap.
Sushi, you’re such an idiot! *Sighs*


27 thoughts on “We’re Just Too Cute. Really!

    1. Mol!! Hmmm- that reminds me- I’ve been so occupied trying to comfort the Can Opener that I’ve forgotten to train all those poor unfortunate cats out there so they can whip those humans into line!

      I need to get to work on that- It’s s time to remind her again who’s boss around here!😸

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    1. MOL! 😹 That’s where my Can Opener gets all those nice, big boxes for us! She bought Sushi and I fat, cushy beds – but Sushi is the only weirdo that uses them. I stick with my BOX, because- well, I’m a REAL CAT!!!


      1. Mee not have a box….BellaSita Mum tripsss over boxess alot. So wee compromised with a Giftie Bag! Shee puttss a sheet of tisshue papurr inn it an catnip an a few toyss an mee Jingell Bell an mee has alot of fun inn THE bag.. Mee NOT miss havin a box!!!
        An mee iss a cat who preefurrss cushy bedss like Sushi! Mew mew mew….

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      2. the Can Opener has the cushy beds for us out in the open- but when the Critters are here or strangers come into the house, we like to have an “invisible” place to hide- so she puts the Big Amazon boxes that our dry food comes in under the bed with a soft, furry blanket inside so we can hide!


      3. Oh yes- it’s a nice, warm, cozy spot to disappear to when we want to be left alone- and the Can Opener doesn’t have to worry about the boxes being in her way! (But she does wash our box blankets every week)- 💓


      4. Our Can Opener buys 12 lb. bags of Rachel Ray Peak dry cat food from Amazon and the boxes it’s delivered in is PERFECT! It even comes with brown PAPER in it for us to shred!


      5. This iss furry kewl Twilight an Sushi!!! Mee eatss Natural Balance foodabullss…Mistur Dick Patton THE Actor founded THE company!!
        Butt with supply issuess mee iss now eatin Merrick’ss foodabullss. Wee not Have Miss Rachael’ss fooabullss here….
        Mee iss happy you like it so much! Allwayss guud to love yore snax an meelss!

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      6. Oh I wish you could try it! It’s so delicious- the Can Opener doesn’t know it yet, but while she’s finishing up the laundry, I’m going to hop online and order myself some more!


    1. She’s just such a moron sometimes. Like every morning when she wakes up- and every evening- and every. flipping. night. In other words, she’s a moron. (Don’t tell her I said that- she could flatten me)!


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