It’s the Critters’ Fault

Poor little Barbie had no idea what was about to happen.

I think the “Working out” bug has bitten the Critter

Not only has my Can Opener started working out again- but even the tiny One has started copying her Mom and Dad much to Barbie’s dismay.

Sushi was kicked off the big, cushy pillow on the desk because “Barbie needed a nap”- and no sooner had Sushi objected and left than Barbie and “baby” were all comfy in “their” bed.

But their nap only lasted about 16 seconds before “Barbie” decided to ditch the baby and workout!

Somewhere along the line in that 15 seconds, Barbie also changed-dramatically!

I’d say Barbie is already working out too much- I’ve heard of feeling a little “stiff,” but if that’s what it does to people, I think I’ll stick with my cat naps!


21 thoughts on “It’s the Critters’ Fault

    1. MOL! Our Can Opener finally resumed working out again last week (regularly)_ but she has ligament problems since everything sort of shut her down in December when the Backup Can Opener got so sick and she couldn’t work out. She’s being very gentle with her workouts and is starting physical therapy for that Friday. (OUCH)!


      1. She says taking care of herself isn’t a luxury,it’s a necessity since she has gone through such stress. She says nobody else can do it for her (but we wish they would so she could just flipping cuddle us more)! Dang human!


    1. Hey, it works great for me and Sushi- the Can Opener just doesn’t slow down though- (when she slows down, she starts remembering things about the craziness that took away the Back up Can Opener in January-


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