Twilight’s Tuesday Musings

I haven’t posted for a few days because I’ve been busy helping the Can Opener.

I’ve been working as the heating pad

It’s hard being a working cat. Since the Can Opener provided hospice care for the Backup Can Opener until he passed in January, she was spending a lot of time running around the hospital and staying there a lot and wasn’t able to keep up with her previous regular workout schedule. As a result, she’s now having some ligament problems and back pain and needed a heating pad to relieve the pain. So, since she likes me a lot better than the heating pad (and she doesn’t need a place to plug me in)- she put me to work and man, have I been busy! *sweats*

This lady is really cramping my style! Just LOOK AT THOSE BIG, FAT DUCKS!

I kept trying to get up and run off at first- because I’m a serious cat. I have ducks and mice to catch, dragonflies to chase, and stray cats to run off! Did she care? No! I was so irritated – especially when I could see the neighbor next door feeding the 30 or so ducks that come to the fence for the bread, he tosses to them.

I told her to use Sushi instead- she’s a queen-size heating pad whose content to lay like a stone for hours, anyway- but the Can Opener just gave me the uplifted eyebrow (uh-oh)- and just stared at me for a minute and then I realized…that’s why I was the one chosen. The Can Opener is hurting enough without a 16-pound speed bump laying on her knees.

(The huge bag of treats sitting next to her really had nothing to do with my decision to give her a break and be her heating pad, just so you know)!

Whew! I’m finally off for the day- time to go DUCK HUNTING!

Don’t miss your doctor appointments, human- I’ve got business to tend to!

I need to go turn those ducks right side up, Mom.


23 thoughts on “Twilight’s Tuesday Musings

    1. Well, I didn’t like her cramping my style- I’m too active to be a lap cat like Sushi- but she did give me lots of cuddles, and brushed me and loaded me up with treats- and I don’t like seeing her in pain. (But don’t tell her that- I have plans for the evening)!😹

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  1. You are doing the duties of a purr-a-medic!
    At least you get paid in treats…or is it a bribe??

    Hope your can-opener feels better soon. Tight ligaments are quite painful. Maybe you can help her to get them stretched and all proper once again.

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    1. Yes- it’s really making things hard for her- i don’t know where she doesn’t just take my yoga instruction- I’m a master! She is starting physical therapy soon, so I hope it works! We need our Can Opener to be fully functional!


      1. We agree. There were a few flakes laying around the backyard this morning. Still no heat. Mom’s planning to call next week. Right now we’re on cuddle alert

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