Thursday Therapy

I don’t care what she says, I didn’t do anything. Would I lie to you? Look at this face!


“Oh my fleas! Mom, I hope that vet visit for Sushi includes some therapy- she has some real anger issues! All I did was jump down from the top of the desk and WHAM! SHE SMACKED POOR, INNOCENT LITTLE ME!”

No mom. I recorded it- here’s what happened!
I was sleeping all cozy when you got up from the desk …
And Twilight watched you leave the room and then…

See, Mom? Twilight is the one that needs therapy! I’m sure glad I figured out how to use your phone!

“Gotta go, MOM! There’s a bird I have to catch!” (Twilight)

28 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy

  1. Oh meow is me, I hope there are hidden cameras around my house! BUT IF there are – and knowing Pops, it is possible – very possible – surely they will show aggressive Pawsephone is!

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    1. Our Can Opener was at the desk while I was sleeping doing her taxes on the computer- and I was minding my own business. She had her phone on a stand by her and caught the little Albino Flea on the act (FINALLY)!! Twilight is grounded from treats! 😹

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      1. Paw can be super mean – when she gets mad, she generally takes it out on Katsu – he is twice her size, but she’ll run at him and literally knock him over!

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      2. I don’t usually pick on Sushi (no matter what she says)- I’m usually very sweet! But, sometimes when it’s cold and rainy, or the creepy next-door neighbor is out in the back yard -(MY TERRITORY)- I come inside and try to get Sushi to play. She’s so uncooperative!

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      3. Oooops, meant to type half, not hald! Katsu is half Siamese, too and he is supper chill… nothing at all like Paws.
        Purrseidon, who doesn’t think talking to that one does any good.

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