Sushi and the Vet- and the dogs

Mom- I don’t like it here! What is that black thing the size of a horse with its tongue hanging out? IT’S STARING AT ME!

Hey, Mom- I assure you you don’t have enough treats to buy your way out of this one!

I knew Sushi wasn’t going to appreciate the trip to the vet – But she appreciated it a lot less when we walked in and found that every Human being in the waiting room had a dog with them – (or two). The dogs ranged in size from a cucumber to a mini horse, and then there was the little walking mop with bleeding paws. He had his hair pulled up in a scrunchie with a pink bow on top of his head and couldn’t seem to keep his tongue in his mouth (the rest of them couldn’t, either for some reason) – and he was on a long leash and seemed quite enamored with the gray thing in the pink box with the big green eyes. He wouldn’t have been so enamored if he’d seen her claws.

The appointment was at 6:30 and we were still waiting for Sushi to get taken to a room at 8:00. Sushi objected loudly (and was getting hungry)- so she really didn’t like those overgrown hairballs staring at her and getting closer to her carrier.

Can we go now?
I think they already went home, Mom. Let’s get out of here.
Hey- you said I was here for a checkup- I checked myself and I’m okay! Let’s GO!

By 9:00, Sushi had been examined and the vet confirmed my suspicion that she had an ear infection in her left ear. I also finally got the name of the “skin condition” she has had since we adopted her- and she got an antibiotic shot for that, another antibiotic shot for feline acne (I never knew cats could get acne, but apparently they need either stainless steel, ceramic, or glass dishes to avoid getting it).

Then there were her Rabies and Distemper shots, and a tube of antibiotic ointment for her ear. She got so many comments on her pretty coat and big green eyes, but that didn’t smooth things out enough for her because by now, rain was pounding like a jackhammer on the roof making her even more nervous, and she was cold.

As soon as we got home, I put the carrier down and opened it, and she flew out of it and ran right to her food dish (big surprise).

I felt awful for her, because that was stressful for her- and having to be in the carrier so long wasn’t good. But once she saw she was safely at home and fed (and given her pain medicine)- she stayed as close to me as possible and kept giving me love all night as if to say, “thank you.” It turns out her skin condition is hyperplasia- which makes her skin extra sensitive (nerve condition)- and giving her back scratches too long actually turns painful after a few seconds. My poor baby!

But at least now I know why she sometimes hisses when we scratch her back, and it is being treated, and I’m happy I noticed she was having a problem with her ear and was able to get her help. Already, she is much calmer and happier. And I’ve gotten rid of her dishes that weren’t glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Today, she even followed me outside and got to enjoy the sunshine!

I feel all better now, Mom.
Hey, Twilight’s been really sweet to me since I got back- what’s wrong with her?

Goodnight! 💚


23 thoughts on “Sushi and the Vet- and the dogs

  1. Oh, MY! That trip was stressful for all involved. Maybe those pups had never seen/sniffed a kitty! Good thing you were safe in your carrier, though.

    We have all stainless/ceramic dishes here too…even for the dogs. Thery are so much easier to clean.

    Glad you were able to address all te issues, new and old! So cute that you ran to your food bowl,Sushi…our kitties would always go into hiding mode, LOL!

    Glad you are feeling better now.

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  2. So happy that all the problems were worked on and that there is a treatment plan. Sorry about the woofies. Sometimes they are a pain, we wouldn’t know as woofies stay away from us!
    Feel better and our mom says thanks for the info on the feeding dishes.
    Snuggles, Maggie May and Suki (Princess Fluffybutt)

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    1. I am feeling better, actually-(but I won’t let the Can Opener know, because I don’t want to give her the idea that she can take me back there! And Glad to share the info about the dishes – my human had no idea that “cat acne” is even a real thing!! 💕


  3. Deer Sushi what an ordeel…to bee inn THE V-E-T place with alot of Poochiess wuud bee a bit…no, alot overwhelmin!!
    Mee has same skin thing where mee rippless mee fur an then runss around like a MadCat!!!
    Wee hope yore meddycin cleerss up yore ear infection soon.
    You due look much happier now! An Twilight knowss you bee thru a ruff time. See she CAN bee a guud kitty girl 😉
    Feel bettur soon deer Sushi ❤ ,3
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. I’m sorry you have an issue with pulling your fur out too- i haven’t had to do that anymore done that antibiotic shot! I feel so much better! And Twilight knew I was scared and stressed when i got home because she came up to me and sniffed me, then just gently licked my head for about 15 minutes and didn’t smack me like she usually does! She was very sweet to me!


      1. Oh yes- I’m feeling better- but i don’t like that icky ear ointment the Can Opener keeps putting in my ear. She says she only has to do it for two more days though!


      2. Oh, I wasn’t planning on GETTING an infection- Just copying Sushi’s behavior when she had hers! Mom will feel sorry for me and think I need extra love and treats- it’s a WIN-WIN!


  4. Wow – that was a VERRRRY long wait…sounds more like what happens to our huMom at HER doctor.
    We are very glad Sushi got some help with her problems. Our Alexander went to the vet for a dental the other week and there were dogs there too – a mastiff, a boxer, a big black lab and a terrier mix. Guess which one went ape and lunged, snarled, barked and yipped the whole time – not at Alexander, but at everything. Right – the little one.

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  5. I’m so glad that Sushi was able to get what she needed! This doctor sounds pretty smart to identify the extra-sensitive skin issue. And you sound pretty smart to recognize the ear issue!

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    1. Awww- Thank you. I was really impressed with her- and Sushi seemed to really like her and her assistant a lot – but she wasn’t crazy about getting her temp. taken, or those 4 shots! And she really didn’t appreciate all the dogs all around her. But I spoiled her rotten when we got home, so I think she’s forgiven me! 😊

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