Sushi sees the Vet

I would laugh, but the Can Opener would take away my treats…

Our Can Opener can’t let me post right now because she has an appointment this morning- but she promised to let me post after that.

Unfortunately, I have to be nice to Sushi for a while- but believe me, I’ll make up for it later! Mol 😹

What was that about “being nice to me for a little while??” I can still sit on you, you know.


19 thoughts on “Sushi sees the Vet

      1. Our v e t has a humongus Mountain Dog … easily 2-300 pounder!….Katsu is in love with her. He waltzes into that office, strolls directly to her and they share cheek rubs. I keep a respectful distance.

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      2. That’s great! Two of our three girls have dogs (and no cats) – ((I’m praying for them)) 😂They keep trying to get me to get a dog- but I don’t think Sushi would tolerate it- and Twilight would probably run away! Besides that, I just think the last thing I need at the moment is yet another life change to adjust to.

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  1. We hope and pawray that all is well with Sushi! Vet visits are never fun…MInko loved them so much he would pee or poo in the carrier…sheesh!


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