Morning Coffee with Twilight

The coffee is a little weak this morning, Mom. In fact, it looks just
like water… How about some expresso?

My Human has had a hard week. Good thing I’m here.

No, Human. I mean MY OWN cup!!

Every time my Can Opener seems like she’s able to move on from the loss of the Backup Can Opener in January, something always seems to happen to stir it all up again. Sushi and I have our paws full comforting her and trying to remind her to sing praise, (it lifts her above grief, sorrow and depression every time- if she just remembers to do it)! She never had to be reminded before. But now every day events bring back waves. We help her get through it.

Image by J F from Pixabay

We’re always hearing her sing praise and give thanks to the Lord for all He’s done for her and for the ways he has sustained and preserved her. Especially since the loss. But lately a couple of things have happened in the neighborhood that has never happened here before in the 15+ years we have lived here. One of those things was an act of violence against a woman down the street (who was attacked by her live-in- whoever). She was only walking to her car – the assailant followed her cursing and slammed her to the ground- she did absolutely nothing but try to get away. He tried to prevent her from getting into her car to leave- but she kept trying and she got in and locked the doors.

Then he went to the passenger side and tried to open it – (the Human and her sister and others saw it on the first warm, sunny day we had, when they were discussing plans for their gardens). They called the police right away- others just looked away.

Meanwhile, the assailant hung onto the car as the woman tried to drive away and he hung on for the longest time until she was able to go fast enough (without hurting him) to pull away and leave. He had thrown glass bottles at her as she was leaving, and other things- the neighbor closest to him who lives alone, watched it and did nothing but wait until the man went back in his house and then he cleaned up all the broken glass in the street and on the lawn.

The police came- but by the time the officer got here, the woman was gone and so was the assailant. That upset everyone in the neighborhood- but our Can Opener especially was grieved – she knows these things happen. But never has she seen it so close to her house. It left her (and her sister and others in the neighborhood) feeling vulnerable and almost as though they themselves had been assaulted.

This has always been a peaceful neighborhood where everyone watched after each other. Seeing this just added to the waves of (normal) grief that our human has been dealing with since January. It also showed her the need to pray for her neighbors. And to pray for the police officers and first responders who literally lay their lives on the line every time they show up for work.

For about 3 days our human couldn’t concentrate enough to help us post. But she has resumed singing praise when anxiety and depression rears its ugly head to threaten her peace, and every time it lifts her above all the chaos in the world and brings comfort, peace, and even joy in the middle of it all.

Jesus Himself is her peace. And He makes her know she’s not really alone- or vulnerable

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled. Neither let them be afraid.

John 14:27 ESV


13 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Twilight

  1. Deerrst Missus Cee-O wee are so furry sorry you witnessed such vyolence an hope you can find peece an a reenewed feelin of safety.
    BellaSita Mum has been THE victim of such vyolence an MUCH werse an shee meowed to mee shee was mortyfied to have it happen. THE last time shee went thru such a trauma it was Seppytemburr 2006. Her X-fiance went to THE Dark Side (hee had seevere issuess) an hee as-salted her an allmost umm, K*lled her.
    8 Policemen showed up to assist her an catch THE X.
    Shee was a *hot* mess both fizzically an emotionally an not even a week later; THE Landlord served her an Evicktion Notice! It was furry diss-tressin. Jannyary 2007 shee moved innto where wee are now.
    Shee has nevurr had another boyfrend or anythin… it iss not easy to bee THE vicktim or to bee a witness to Domestick Abuse.
    Wee purray to Sky Cat fore yore nayburr lady an fore you to find Peece again!!! Keep on singin OKay???
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. It would be hard to trust again after something so devastating. You can’t fully open your heart to someone after something like that- the scars run deep- and it takes a lot of time – and a work of God to restore what has been lost. But with God all things are possible! ❤️


      1. Mee can assure youss’ BellaSita Mum has prayed an dun Counsellin an E-Em-Dee-R treetmintss an purrayed more…
        Shee meowed to mee shee will nevurr trust a man an bee inn a reelationship again. An shee allso meowed shee iss too old fore havin a Boyfrend anyway~


  2. It is so sad when a place where you feel and should be safe is not for some reason. This narrow dirt road was at one time a very quiet place. Over time that has changed. It isn’t bad at the moment, but it is a long way from what it once was. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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  3. Thankfully, Biblical truths and God’s Holy Spirit lifted you out of the pit and mire into the glorious realization of what Grace and Mercy has been bestowed upon us.
    I am sorry you had to witness that, it is scary and just shows what depravity but for the Grace of God we would be partakers of, too.

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