Today is National Pet Day

That means all your pets need to get SPOILED today!

Our Human likes to find reasons to Celebrate

This time, she’s discovered a day on April 11th every year (internationally)- to celebrate pets of all kinds (but in this house, it’s cats)!

In 2006, an animal welfare advocate (Colleen Paige)- started National Pet Day to celebrate all the joys (and comfort) that pets give the ones who love and care for them. She wanted everyone to recognize the value of having pets and to encourage people looking for pedigreed pets to check out the Humane Society’s shelters before handing buckets of cash over to breeders.

Her motto was “Adopt, don’t shop!” And I think that makes her a hero when you consider all the millions of pets that enter shelters each year. Thanks to people like her, (and our Can Opener), it worked! People have discovered their best (4 legged) friends there and now over one million happy cats and dogs have found loving homes.

Sushi and I want to thank her and all like her, who care about the happiness and welfare of animals. Since we can’t speak for ourselves, we need heroes to speak up on our behalf- and because of people like this, pets like me and Sushi and so many others can be rescued from abusive situations, and devastation because of wars, hurricanes, earthquakes and all those other things that separate people from their pets and leave homeless and abandoned pets vulnerable and hungry.

So today, take some time to give your pets some extra cuddles, playtime, and grooming. They give you love, warmth, snuggles and companionship all year round. Today is their day to know they matter!

If you don’t have a pet, why not consider visiting your local animal shelter and adopt one?

You just might be lucky enough to get a laptop guard like Sushi! 😹

“Now, Human, about that special treat you mentioned…I hope it’s from a tiny, expensive can!”

34 thoughts on “Today is National Pet Day

    1. I agree- Twilight was born feral in my backyard- And Sushi’s previous owner was going to have her put down for convenience’s sake- they both are so sweet and intelligent- and especially now they are such wonderful companions and such a comfort to me. They make the unbearable days so much easier to bear.

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      1. I fully understand. This family keeps growing. We have Bella and Molly rescued dogs. We have Cricket born of a rescue. Currently there are four not so stray cats living opening, we discovered four kittens under the porch that I believe are Itty Bitty’s. Not sure where Swoosh has moved her babies. Then there are also all the other cats who think they have found the crazy cat lady cafe. But they are a good distraction when sad moments slip in.

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      2. Ah but they do with the close snuggles and purrs. The dogs with their joy at seeing you return even if all you did was take the trash out. But I do agree, they need us to take care of them in ways they are unable.


      1. Nose nose! Youss have a Treet shortage there two!?!?! Wee have been havin trubbell gettin Greeniess Dental Treetss fore mee..
        You just reeminded BellaSita Mum to call Pet Valu….they got sum inn an there iss a big b of Catnip Treetss with mee name on it!!! REESULT!!! 😉
        Shuud mee send you sum?

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      2. The only treats I have ever had that I don’t like is Blue Buffalo treats!! (It’s an insult to call those puppies ‘treats!’!! Even SUSHI won’t touch those things- (or Sheba the treat addict next door)!


      3. Mee not sure Blue Buffylo iss made of Buffylo…
        BellaSita Mum an mee have HAD Buffylo Burger an iss BETTUR than regulur Beef! Fore REEL Twilight an Sushi!!
        BellaSita had Stouffur’ss Beef Stroganoff an shee umm cuud not finish it an sorta gotted sick….l”hairball’ sick! Shee meowed to mee it tasted like H-O-R-S-E an shee cried~~~ shee lovess Horsiess an shee iss REELLY wunderin why THE so-called ‘Beef’ tasted nothin like beef 😉
        Wee know peepss who live inn France an due eat H-O-R-S-E!!! EEEWWWW!!!!! 😦

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      4. Oh yes BellaSita Mum has had Aunty Sheila as mee Guardeean an Back Up Can Opener since mee been here. And shee was Guardeean to ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha Henry an allso to mee ‘angel’ Aunty NYLABLUE…so Anty has been doin this since 2009 😉


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