The Pets of War — The Chester Chronicles

Soul Mates According to the National Institute of Health, various studies show that owning a pet, particularly a cat or dog, can have many benefits for people. They include; decreased stress, lower blood pressure, reducing loneliness, increasing feelings of social support and improving one’s mood. There are also other aspects that bond a person with […]

The Pets of War — The Chester Chronicles

Not my typical post- But I have to share!

Our Can Opener saw this post and started to cry. Being the sweet cat I am, I of course, had to investigate and find out what made her cry and then get up from the computer and start praying for a place called “Ukraine.”

It’s a downright disgrace what’s happening in Ukraine- and it’s happening to their animals too.
Please help them if you are able!

Please take a few minutes to read (and follow) The Chester Chronicles- and if you are a person who believes in prayer, please take a few minutes out of your busy day to pray for relief for the people (and children) and animals of Ukraine! Pray for healing of Ukraine and its people- and click the link below (or one of the links on Chester’s page) to help if you are able! So many people and pets (and wild animals) are suffering and need care.

Let them know they are not alone!

Humane Society International (animal rescue/ vet care / supplies/ food /shelter) (emergency food aid- your gift tripled!)

Core (thermal blankets, hygiene kits, emergency cash assistance to help refugees resettle

Convoy of Hope (baby food, mattresses, shelter, generators, emergency lighting)

Thank you, Twilight & Sushi (and Can Opener)


28 thoughts on “The Pets of War — The Chester Chronicles

  1. Dear furiends, IF what I’m hearing is true – and I believe it is – the Ukraine situation is NOT what is being reported. Worse, some are apparently using emotion and twisted stories to get nice people to send them money…. and in far too many cases, a nickel out of every dollar goes to what you sent it for. I strongly suggest that you research this situation as well as the aid givers…. Even the Red Cross was caught transporting cash in boxes marked plasma -they were apparently laundering money for bad people.
    BTW, I’ve seen proof that some of the people with the horrible stories are crisis actors, and some of the footage shown was either from movies and video games or taken years ago, so I’m being very, very cautious about figuring out what to believe about Ukraine.

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    1. Wow! Thank you – we do have to be extremely careful what we are actually supporting- I had my own suspicions about the Red Cross (which is why I didn’t link to them)- because I’ve seen some reports about them- Thank you for the insight!

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      1. I’m not sure what is what – many things seem quite upside-down, thus I’m advising caution and researching who to help. Did you get the email I sent? It was some of the evidence I’d dug up, which was why I was advising more research. Purrhaps I’m being overly cautious, but Mom says ‘it is better to be safe than sorry’…. and too often the bad guys seem to blame their crimes on good guys, so I’m still trying to verify who is good/bad and who is being truthful…. Not at all easy to figure out! For certain, if any innocents were hurt, they deserve help…. my question is who might be innocent?

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      2. Hi! I haven’t checked my email yet- my “sister” – neighbor next door that has been more of a sister to me than my own natural sisters)- lost her brother in a fire last Friday- She had been trying her best to believe he wasn’t in the building when it happened, but yesterday she got the medical examiner’s call. Everything else went right out the window.
        I’ll check it today- I have to go grocery shopping, exterminator coming later today and going to stay at the Critter’s house tomorrow (kittysitting while they’re out of town)- so I’ll be busy getting ready for that and trying to be available for her as well.
        But I will check my email as soon as I get a few minutes.

        Thank you for sharing those things- I wanted to ask you to send me whatever you had in email, but when she called I forgot everything else!

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      3. That is HORRIBLE! Your poor neighbor/sister! Seems like far too many horrible things are happening right now. Last Saturday, my husband and I went over to Lowes for some garden/fence supplies and a big old landscaping truck slammed into our truck’s front driver’s corner as we sat at a stop light! Idiot honked the horn, but to the best of my knowledge never thought to brake! We’re trying to sort everything out. Hit so hard that the balljoints broke! I’m fine, but my husband has a dislocated shoulder and 2 cracked ribs…. much better than a call from the medical examiner!
        Wow, you’re having one H of a year!

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      4. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your husband! How traumatic for you both! I am sorry about his injuries- but I’m so glad you both are ok and are able to talk about it. Way better than the other things that could’ve happened! It seems like something is happening to almost everyone we encounter. Its’ definitely time for some good news.

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      5. I feel the same way – unexpected things are happening all over. We only need to look at our own lives and the lives of our friends to verify this. For some reason, the thought ‘this is Biblical frequently runs through my mind, so I’ve been rereading Revelations.

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      6. This is absolutely Biblical. Our pastor has been teaching an entire series on the Book of revelation for the last year- I can email you a link if you think you might want to subscribe to it. (On YouTube). If you subscribe you’ll be able to go to the first class and take in in sequence if you like- and you’ll automatically know when there’s a new one -(every Wednesday I believe)- right now I’m packing and getting ready to head to the Critters’ house to watch them and their kitties for the weekend, so I can’t do it until a little later today (as well as today’s post)- but let me know if you’re interested and I’ll do it the first chance I get.

        I’m so glad your eyes are wide open to all this stuff and you see it for exactly what it is. So many people just blindly accept whatever. It’s so strange.

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      7. LOL, sometimes I wonder if I’m seeing vision and/or a different reality – I particularly wonder that if I happen to hear any ‘news’, who is screaming about Putin/Russia being horrible… my ‘gut’ disagrees… I was really, really wondering until I stumbled across some sort of ‘vote’ thing on telegram… basically, it wanted to know if Putin was a good guy or bad buy… I inhaled and clicked ‘good’… about 16K had taken the poll and I figured I’d be the only one to vote that way. Imagine my surprise when 86 PERCENT of the votes agreed that Putin was a good guy!


      8. My favorite, too.
        I got booted off Twit on Aug 27th of 2020… my comments about the therapeutic value – backed by scientific studies – was NOT appreciated.


      9. No, they don’t! I’m wondering if they get so bent out of shape over us not believing their lies because they know that they aren’t controlling us/our minds. They sure are heck seem to hate us having the legal right to free speech…. They must be very insecure to fear us being able to think for ourselves.


      1. They have forgiven me!! 😊But they’ve made it clear I can never leave again! It’s okay about deleting the comments- I do that too sometimes without meaning to- especially when I’m answering comments and Twilight walks across the keyboard!

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