What do cats think of kisses?

Help! She’s going to smother me with kisses!!

There are some real weirdos out there!

Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks when you kiss it? Its thoughts could range anywhere from “OH YAY! FINALLY!” to “Oh great, here we go again,” Or even, “kiss me and I’ll shred your face, idiot!”

Every cat is different, but personally I like only an occasional kiss – not one of those weird human kiss assaults where they go bonkers until you’re gasping from air (or from their bad breath)!

Maybe you should watch this video I found to educate my Can Opener. And while you’re at it, learn how to interpret your cat’s body language too! It just may save your life one day!

That cat doesn’t look like he’s happy…


9 thoughts on “What do cats think of kisses?

  1. Mew mew mew Twilight an Sushi this iss a guud video! Lucky fore mee, BellaSita knowss to kiss mee only when shee pickss mee up (on mee back) or shee can kiss mee on top of head or neck when holdin mee food bowl. THE ONLY time wee due ackshully *kissey* iss when mee jumpss inn her lap an mee offerss mee nose an mouth an we have a nose bop-kissey!
    Yore rite; all Kittiess are diffyrent 😉
    ***Hi-5’ss*** BellaDharma
    an **kissess** BellaSita Mum (you bettur have asked purrmission BellaSita!!)

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