She did it again…

You’d better have a good excuse, Human.

We can’t believe she did it again.

I knew something was up as soon as she got out the laptop bag. I told Sushi, but Sushi thought I was crazy. But now she knows. Once again, after a purrfectly pawsome morning of cuddles and treats, right when we thought we had it made for the day, The Can Opener packed up and left for the Critters’ house.

This time because the Critters’ parents were going to be gone and instead of staying here, they were concerned about leaving our cousins, Serafina and Abby alone (after having started them on a wet food only diet). They didn’t want to have to leave them with dry food only and no one to give them their wet food.

I told them I could take care of the food- I can eat it all myself then they don’t have to worry about it-
but she went anyway.

Sushi thought she would be back in a few hours. Now it was my turn to tell her she’s crazy. But she still didn’t believe me until 9:00 when bedtime came around and the Can Opener wasn’t here to groom her and tuck her in. The lights didn’t get dimmed, the toys remained laying paralyzed in the floor, and the treats didn’t walk out and pour themselves into our mouths.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, WE’RE PROTESTING!

AND THEN we heard the door open and got all excited until we noticed it wasn’t the Can Opener!

What did you do with our Can Opener! Bring her BACK!
Oh- it’s just you.

We were not happy. She had a couple of friends stopping by several times a day to make sure we were okay, and to let me out – but I didn’t go out because it rained the whole time! And I was afraid nobody would be here to let me in if I did go out. Of course, Sushi’s big fear was not being fed- as if missing a meal or two or fifteen wouldn’t hurt her.

Then we both realized the obvious- THE WHOLE THING WAS PLANNED!

And if that’s not bad enough- here’s the reason…. our spoiled cousins –

Her Royal Fleabag, Princess Abby
Serafina parked in front of the refrigerator in case the Can Opener forgot where they put it.

Of course, we were fed (but we’re not telling the Can Opener that), and her sister and her friend took really good care of us, and even gave Sushi her medicine and snuggles- but we don’t care, because it wasn’t OUR CAN OPENER! She did not fill out an application for our approval first, so therefore, there will be consequences….

That’ll teach her!


36 thoughts on “She did it again…

  1. Oh, dear, abandonment and a traitor for others! Sheesh…what is our world coming to?

    O well…give her the cold shoulder upon er return…for at least a minute or two…MOL!

    Sorry we aven’t been around much…nothing bad, just a good case of the busies and not amny visits we were allowed…siggh…we are trying to catch huop for now.

    Hope you had a good Easter!
    Hallelujah! Christ is risen and therefore we have hope to conquer the enemy of the grave.

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  2. ROFM/ROFL!!! Her Royalle Fleabag…..Purrincess Abby!!! Oh mee CAT you two are heelareeuss!!!! Wunder what shee thinkss ’bout you Twilight an Sushi???
    Serafina iss so cute….you can not stay upset with that face….
    There shuud have been an applycayshun filed fore sure…mee agreess. Sumtimess Hu’manss furget that…..they are lesser creeturess reememburr.
    Wee have to cut them sum slack. An Missus Cee-O DID make sure youss were taken care of….so that has to count fore sumthin rite?? πŸ˜‰
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

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    1. Well, I suppose you’re right- even when I’m mad at Serafina, even I love that face of hers. She always has her tongue sticking out!!! MOL! She is very sweet- and puts up with all kinds of things from the critters that no other cat would tolerate. Everyone loves her so much. The brat cat!


      1. Trust mee TWilight an Sushi you both are toetally cute an loved bye Missus Cee-O….shee ADOORSS both of youss’!!
        Sumtimess Hu’manss have to help other 4 leggedss…an aftur all; they ARE yore Couzinss πŸ˜‰


      2. Yore wellcome mee frendss!
        Pee S: Wee can not ackshully ‘LIKE’ a commint so mee keepss reeplyin so you not think mee a rude Kitty girl…
        So nevurr feel you gotta reeply to mee…unless youss’ want to πŸ˜‰


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