It’s Caturday!

Twilight can’t play with my wand toy, Mom. She can go catch a mouse. It’s MY Caturday, and I’ll pout if I want to.

How are you spending your Caturday?

I spent the first part of my Caturday keeping the Can Opener company while she had her coffee and prayer time. Now I’m trying to play with my favorite wand toy (with colorful bows on it)- and Twilight keeps trying to snag it. I swatted the fleas right off the little brat and told her to go catch a mouse or something, then I decided to park on it so she can’t pick it up and drag it away.

I think the Can Opener was shocked. That’s okay- that just means she’s fully awake now and Twilight knows not to mess with me. Now she’ll probably go dig up a flowerbed someplace.

While the Can Opener is outside enjoying the sunshine, I want to ask how your Caturday is going? I know some of you cats may be lonely and bored (which is a great excuse to nap)-

The attack of the sunbeam

Birthday parties were designed to torment cats

Or maybe you’re stuck in a house full of those tiny little noise-makers trying to be good and not scratch them to ribbons…

Or, maybe your sniffing the air looking for a neighborhood barbeque to inspect… (let me know if you find one- with GPS coordinates, please)… or

Why isn’t anyone grilling over here yet?
By the way human, don’t forget to order the pizza and leave the door open for me…

Maybe you’re making dinner plans for later… I’ll be right over to help you with that Door Dash. Happy Caturday!

11 thoughts on “It’s Caturday!

  1. It is hot outside by late morning, so we try to get out early. This morning, Rumble caught another grackle. It is an impressive skill. I hope you don’t have grackles – they are very rude and obnoxious.


  2. We have grackles at our place sometime, but we do have way too many starlings and cowbirds which are equally obnoxious…

    Sushi, did you relent and get up from guarding the ribbon wand toy? That hospitality kitten seems to hhave snagged it our from under you, LOL!

    It was sunny and almost hot here today (81), and even now its still in the upper seventies. But way better than the pouring rain we had all day on Friday.

    Petcretary abandoned us to the care of Pawppy while she went to her work…and a repeat of the same tomorrow.


  3. Waht a funny an kewl Jeoparday questshun….THE answer iss purriceless!! Mee iss one of those notty ‘Door Dash’ kittiess so BellaSita Mum has to put mee in bedroom an close door. Wee live on a busy street so mee has to beehave….
    Sushi it iss not easy livin with a Sibling iss it??? Sumtiemss beein an only cat iss a furry guud thing!
    It was a lazy an peecefull weekend here an wee both are happy…..BellaSita Mum has been helpin mee vissit blogss an doin typin fore mee as mee meowss to her….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


    1. No- it’s not easy living with Twilight. That little flea loves to pounce on me to make me play- she hasn’t figured out yet that if she wakes me up, she’ll face my wrath. But she’ll figure it out soon…


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