Morning Coffee with Sushi

One of these days, human. One of these days!

That Lunatic Can Opener did it again-

I’m really getting tired of this- every time I so much as sneeze the Can Opener takes me to the vet. Just because I’m older. I protest, but she does it anyway. I’m not sick, but again the other day she took me in for a shot. She said I was “due for a distemper booster” – and in spite of all my objections, she whisked me away anyhow- and on top of that she had them trim my beloved claws!

I don’t know what a “distempter” booster is, but it must have worked- because it definitely boosted my TEMPER! And this morning I’m still sore from that shot and yet the Can Opener still insists on picking me up to groom me. I smacked her a zillion times with my tail this morning, but that didn’t stop her from grooming me anyway. And now I’m exhausted and need a nap.

Actually, I do feel better since she groomed me, but I’ll never let her know it!

Leave me alone Mom. Wake me up when you buy sardines.


10 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Sushi

    1. Mol! Working on it! I took a break for a few days- (too many yummy birds hanging in the yard)- But It’s time to lay down the law again – (then drool over the birds since they’re too fast for me to catch anyway).

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      1. Er, you should ask Rumble for bird-catching tips. He’s caught 2 so far this year, of coarse, he is a major athlete – the NFL would be very lucky to have him. We noticed his ability when he was about 4 1/2 – he was sprawled out by the fish pond watching a dragonfly when a grackle flew about 4 feet over – he shot straight up, caught it and it fainted… I know it fainted because after he played with it and fussed over it, the poor shocked bird recovered and flew away. He loves the hunt/catch, but almost always releases his catch… He is forbidden to mess with my chickens, but anything else is fair game.

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  1. YIKESS Sushi yore Meowmy iss one of them Hellycoptur Meowmy’ss mee heerss about! So iss BellaSita Mum. Shee askss mee about 20 timess a day how mee iss. Then shee checkss how much mee iss eatin an then shee sayss mee will take you to Mistur Vetman if you not eat alot…
    You know Sushi, it iss not so bad…’Bettur than no one carin about us rite??
    Even if they are TWO pawss-on! 😉
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

    Pee S: Where ARE those tasty Sardeenss?????


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