Sushi’s Musings

I’ve been hearing some unbelievable things from the Can Opener!

The Can Opener says some cats are naughty!

I just can’t believe cats ever misbehave, because I know I’m such an angel… no, really! I don’t ever fight with other cats at all- (I just smack Twilight when she insists on pawing at me to make me play when I don’t want to) – but that’s not naughty- that’s discipline! These young twerps these days just don’t like to take “no” for an answer!

I also notice Sheba’s naughtiness- she keeps her Mom up all night long and won’t let her sleep- and every time Twilight follows our human when she goes next door to visit her sister, that crazy Sheba hisses and fluffs up her tail and chases Twilight out of the house! Even when Sheba comes here, she tries to chase Twilight off her own cat tree! But Sheba won’t mess with me, because I’ll eat her. (Not misbehaving- I just have a great appetite)!

Psycho Sheba

I even hear that some cats eat houseplants – (a vegan CAT?), and some attack toes- (Twilight, are you listening)? And others poop outside the litterbox! I never do these things because I’m a good cat – but from what I hear, these things can really upset the humans and cause some problems. So I decided maybe I should pass on the video my Can Opener found while doing research to help her sister not to be so fur-rustrated with Sheba.

Check this out- maybe it’ll help you or someone you know who has a very mischievous cat!

Just remember you heard it from Sushi- the good cat!


11 thoughts on “Sushi’s Musings

  1. Brilliant post Sushi dear furiend! Those young ones need a lot of discipline, don’t they? In my home, Pawsephone requires the whackypaw of discipline most often. I know you can’t tell from the blog, but she is quite full of herself…. we often call her Purrincess instead of Pawsephone because that is how she behaves.


  2. Mee iss sorta both Sushi. Sumtimess mee iss so guud… then mee goess all cray-cray like Sheba…hmmm iss it “Black Cat Syndrome”?
    Beein miss treeted when mee was young an then to bee semi-feral; mee can bee a pawfull 😉
    Grate post mee frend….
    ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an ❤ BellaSita Mum


  3. WOW Sheba does sound naughty. I hope Twilight doesn’t go far when she runs out of the house. XO


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