Thursday Thanks

You know, I’ve been thinking...

It’s been a while since I’ve counted my blessings. What about you?

The Can Opener says that everyone’s having a hard time no matter where she looks. And I overhear all the troubling reports that she hears (even without watching “the news”)- most troubling, especially is the shortage of baby formula- but also the looming ‘food shortages’ and all the other bad stuff.

I’ve also noticed that my human has been making a point of giving thanks and singing praise when she hears these reports. While it won’t change the things going on around us, what it does do, is change her perspective and lifts her above discouragement and and worry- and it keeps her blood pressure and stress under control too.

I’ve decided to start cultivating a thankful heart too. The Can Opener says a thankful heart isn’t automatic. You have to cultivate it. Like you would cultivate a garden. I don’t know exactly what “cultivate” means, but I get a feeling it means you practice being thankful. She says everyone has SOMETHING they can be thankful for.

Like breathing. No matter how bad things look, there are two things you can be thankful for if you’re reading this.

1.) You’re alive. That’s a definite plus. 2.) You’re breathing – (which is another plus)- 3.) you’re reading a blog post by the sweetest Siamese cat in America (whether you realize it or not).

See? Three reasons right there! Now let’s see if I can think of another reason;

There’s rain- POURING. While I hate the rain (it cramps my style)- the human loves it because it means less wildfires and it’s watering her garden and keeping my lovely back yard nice and lush and green.

But I’m most thankful that the Can Opener and Sushi and I have a place to call home so we don’t have to be out in the wet, cold weather. I’m thankful for my kitty treats, and food, and that the Can Opener is stocking up on our food- just in case.

I’m even thankful for Sushi…. (almost)- okay, I’m trying! I guess I am thankful for her, because she keeps the human distracted while I get into the butter.

The Can Opener is always brushing her and I get jealous. But she says she has to.

I’m also thankful for the big, furry pink blankie the grown critters got our Can Opener after the Backup Can Opener went to heaven in January. I melt into it and sleep so comfy- and I’m thankful that our human is doing better and isn’t overcome with grief. She’s getting counseling and is doing research on colon cancer- she has some plans she isn’t talking about just yet. Hopefully they’ll work out for her. Because then she’ll be even happier!

What are you thankful for?


15 thoughts on “Thursday Thanks

  1. I am glad you are thankful for your sister. I am thankful for all my cats and all those in the blogosphere -including adorable you. XO

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    1. Awww- Thank you!! I’m thankful for all our followers- especially since the Can Opener gets very painful sometimes and can’t always type for us. We appreciate all of you who stick around even when we can’t post for a few days!


  2. We mostly only post once a week…more if we have new angels to tell about.

    I am thankful that even with all the turmoil and uncertainty, I know that everything is under control…whether I feel it or not, God is taking care of His creation. We are the ones who cause trouble, but God will even use our messes for His purposes.
    So I am thankful that I know/need to ‘Be Still and Know God’.

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  3. Mee-yow Twilight what an innspirin post you did!!!
    Wee are furry thanxfull that Missus Cee-O has counsellin an guud Faith to keep her goin!
    Mee purrsonallee iss thankfull fore a nice home with BellaSita Mum; guud foodabullss; treetss; toyss; bedss an blankitss so sleep inn; Pee C to keep inn touch with frendss like you an Sushi; to bee a blogin Kitty; all mee frendss; all mee Auntyss’ an mee Unkell Arie…..there iss so much rite Twlight???
    **nose rubss** BellaDahrma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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  4. We are very thankful because we just found out that the pain our human sister has been having is cysts and not a tumor. Since our human dad died from bladder cancer, we were really scared. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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