Thursday Therapy

Good morning. I’m your therapist today- Twilight has the day off to play golf with the Can Opener.
Enough golf, Mom. You smacked me with the ball! I’m going outside!

Maybe it’s time to go see my friends!

So far I’m going with happy.

Don’t look at me! He did it!

You can’t win this one, human!

Happy Thursday!


14 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy

  1. Twilight that iss pawsum yore Hu’man playss golf with you…xcept fore bonk inn nose!! Butt accydentss due happen.
    Sushi all yore Meemss were furabuluss…
    Mee likess #2 THE best…it iss so mee 😉
    BellaSita Mum likess Siamese Meowmy with kitss THE best! Guud therapee session today Thanx!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. I love playing golf with Mom- I like seeing if I can whack her harder than she does me! Last night when she was making dinner, I strategically smacked the golf ball right into her ankle- I made her jump!! MWAHAHA! 😹 She really didn’t like the spaghetti sauce flying all over the kitchen though….oops


      1. Just wait for your Human to start cooking in the kitchen, then whap a ball as hard as you can- (aimed carefully at her ankle)- then it’ll smack her, and she’ll realize you’re wanting her to play.

        Even if she doesn’t get the idea, she’ll still kick it back to you just to make sure that she doesn’t trip on it. That’s what Twilight does, and it works beautifully! That’s why the human always burns her dinner!!! MOL! – 😹


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