Friday Fab Felines

Hey there- Twilight here to remind you all how lucky you are to have a cat. We are gorgeous, smart, and FABULOUS!

Of course, we Siamese are THE most fab-

But Sushi says torties are the most fab, and persians think they are, and toms think they are- so we’ll just throw a few of our favorites out there and you decide!

Here’s a very smart Tom.
Now here’s a smart cat – waiting for the little Critter to come find her, assume she’s seriously hurt, and demand her Mom to come revive the cat with food and treats.
I wouldn’t cross Betty if I were you.

Another smart Tom.
Here’s a spy cat…Nothing going on here. Move on!

Happy Furiday!


5 thoughts on “Friday Fab Felines

  1. We may be a bit partial to Meezers…but actually petcretary and pawppy love all and any cats…but for us, Meezers were the best fit, the only cats that petcretary is not allergic to…go figure!

    Those memes had me giggling heartily! We all need to have a good laugh these days to help relieve all the stress we are feeling…
    And we pray that God will sustain us even now in our grief and sadness over all the events of late, both worldly and here at ‘home’. God IS our refuge and our strength…


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