Sunday Sleepies

No- you can’t get up yet, Can Opener. You’ve been baking all morning. Now it’s ME (not you) time!

See, Human- Sunday is for RESTING.

You’re supposed to rest today, Mom. You said you were going to type for me first thing this morning after church. But you got busy cleaning for “just a little bit,” then you went to check on your sister “for just a little bit,” then you went for a “short walk,” then you “did a survey,” and
“did laundry,” checked your email, and THEN you grabbed Twilight and gave her all kinds of special love and cuddles- (with me glaring at you the whole time—–WHICH YOU IGNORED), and then you baked those almond flour blueberry / strawberry muffins and blasted my ears when you chopped the almonds in the blender (thanks for the earache)- and THEN you teased me with the cacoa chips you added from that crinkly package you poured them from — and you didn’t even make it right by giving me a treat since you teased me!

So now that you’ve made my post late, because you wouldn’t type for me (and now you’re in pain from all that baking)- quit your whining and SIT DOWN and hold me so I can get a good nap.

Don’t worry, I won’t sleep more than 8 hours. So don’t plan on making dinner tonight, because you’re going to be occupied.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Sleepies

    1. Yes, she’s busier than a cat on a hot tin roof lately. She’s still trying to get her normal schedule back, but life keeps happening and now she’s taking online classes too, so she won’t even let me nap on her laptop anymore!


  1. Oh, dear, my head is spinning with all that activity! Rest seems to be the best solution…

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    1. Yes- I agree! She pushes herself too hard and then gets in to much pain and can barely function.

      That’s when I follow her around and “bark” at her until she sits down finally- and then I plop down on her lap and refuse to let her get up! I’ll make her rest one way or the other!


  2. Mew mew mew Sushi same here…BellaSita Mum leevess choress till last minutt. Then shee iss a whirlywind. An then innstead of SITTIN DOWN shee LIESS down inn bed!!
    CATFISH!! A kitty homie needss sum propurr ‘laptime’!!! Rite?? Rite???
    Moewmy’ss need to get purriotiess strait!! 😉
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma

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