How to Train your Humans

GET OFF THE COUCH, FELINES! It’s time for another lesson on training those humans of yours!

Make them PLAY

One of a cats’ major complaints is having not having enough interaction and playtime with their human pets. Another complaint is not having enough (acceptable) toys to play with. This results in a bored (and slightly ticked) cat.

This is unacceptable for the serious cat. But our Can Openers are so preoccupied with working, keeping their two-legged critters out of trouble- (good luck with that)- shopping, and all that other boring human stuff that they don’t realize how stressed and maybe even hissed their feline bosses are.

When the humans are away, it’s vital to have some great toys to play with. Most humans don’t think about the fact that unlike them, we don’t usually have video games, iPhones and social media to keep us entertained when we get bored- and even a cat can only sleep so long.

In this picture, some of my pals show us what they do for fun when their humans forget to provide stimulating toys – They also share their toilet tissue review.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, one of those two-legged critters will leave something sitting on the counter in the kitchen that a bored cat can help themselves to when no one is looking.

With a little luck, it could be something really fun- like eggs – these are great to push off the counter. They aren’t toys, but there’s a very satisfying crack / thud when they hit the floor. And, when they break, you get a hefty snack!

Another fun idea is to check out other spaces in the kitchen- (not every human is thoughtful enough to leave eggs or butter on the counter). That’s why you need critters.

Picachu here has learned how to open the fridge. This could lead to a whole world of fun and food -(think Garfield’s lasagna)!

Or, you could just hide your trophies in there to surprise your favorite human!

P.S. You could always help the hamster escape too. Just to be kind. 😹


14 thoughts on “How to Train your Humans

  1. We angel kitties sometimes had real live mousies!! We deaded one once, what fun *that* was! We cleaned it up by putting all our boring toys in a heap and Mr Mousie was placed on top of that pile. MOL! (Mostly we just stared at them in the cold air return vent…that is until the petcretary discovered them because she wondered why we were so focused on that spot…and then she put traps in them and our fun was over. How rude!


  2. ROFM!!! Twilight mee wuud LOVE to smack sum eggss outta THE box! Butt BellaSita iss so clevurr….I do like to smack her medicine bottless off counter!! Mew mew mew…an whappin THE bottless UNDER THE bed πŸ˜‰
    Mee has so many toyss; mee cuud open a store! An mee has 4 stick toyss….BellaSita plays with me nitely unless so sick…Oh an wee play Firefly alot….
    Firefly iss Lazer Toy πŸ˜‰ Mee thott mee shuud xplain……
    Grate post Twilight!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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