Morning Coffee with Twilight

Good job, Mom! You finished your classes! NOW LET’S PLAY!

Finally! Now, take a break and play with me!

After weeks of studying and testing and helping your sister, you finally finished your courses and can be human again! Maybe now you can type for Sushi and I and get back to spoiling us like you did before all this stuff started. It’s no wonder you haven’t had much free time- with the classes, counseling, physical therapy, and the Critters- and making time for a grief journal too-

But seriously, Sushi and I are about to take matters into our own paws if you don’t back off from some things and get back to spoiling us! And get us some new toys, too!

Wait- Who said anything about the VET? We’re not sick!


That’s it- I’m outta here!
That’s it. I’m taking my toy and hiding!
Photo by Sam Lion on
Oh, no you don’t! If you leave, she’ll take ME!
Whatever- I already saw the vet- wake me up after your appointments.

“Twilight- Is there a Twilight here?”


18 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Twilight

    1. Thank you! My appointment is Thursday (Twilight)- Sushi’s is the next Monday- I’m going to laugh hysterically when she realizes I’m not the only one going to the vet!! MWAHAHA!!😹


  1. Twilight can you spare a cuppa coffee fore mee??
    Mee Vetman vissit was pawfull an mee can barelee stay awake! An mee *HATESS* Rabiess shotss…they make me feel weerd….
    Sushi take yore toy an run!!!!!!!!
    An if anyone triess shovin another Deewermin pill down mee; they will pay!
    Missus Cee-O wee ARE happy yore doin bettur. You are one tuff an amazin Lady an wee give you toetall REESPECT ❤ ❤
    Twilight an Sushi mee will purray fore youss'!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma

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    1. Awww thank you for your purrayers! The Can Opener has had a lot of pain all day today- physical therapy makes it worse- at first. I’m sorry you had a pawful vet visit- But believe me, Sushi and I are plotting already- We’re taking notes from a kitty friend of ours- and I’ll get that coffee to you….I just have to figure out where to pour it into the keyboard,…..


      1. Mee-yow Twilight an Sushi mee not sure how to get coffee thru Pee C…maybee a small funnel?
        Iss now Fursday an mee iss eatin bettur butt still feelin ruff. Mee iss still upset an BellaSita Mum triess to cheer mee up meowin silly jokess to mee. An playin mewisck mee likess….mee can not stay awake fore too lon…..mee NEVURR gettin a 3 yeer shot again!
        An wee know Fizzical Therapee hertss alot at ferst butt then thinss settle down…so mee sendss xtra POTP to Missus Cee-O.
        Keep mee up to date how yore planss are goin 😉

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      2. I’m sorry about your shot! It was a hard day today for me and the Can Opener -I’ll tell you about it tomorrow when I’ve recovered and the Can Opener is feeling better! Stay away from those needles!


      3. Mee hopess mee nevurr has to get a needle again Sushi!!! Not if it ogin to hert like this one did!!
        Mee still piXXed with Vet…..butt mee can not meow ’bout that online on mee blogie….mee did a post today Caturday……CATFISH!!
        Why thingss ahve to bee so messed up?

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      4. No my vet adores me – (she says how cute I am every time she sees me)! And the vet wasn’t being mean with Sushi, but Sushi DIDN’T like them messing with her eyes, and she made it very clear! But this evening it’s MY TURN!! I love the vet, but I don’t like going to the vet- know what I mean?

        I think it’s time to go down to the stream for a few hours- (until after 5:00)! 😹


      5. Yore so lucky Twilight!! Vetman has allwayss been kind to mee, butt mee doubtss hee ADOORSS mee…hee sure did not like mee this time around.
        Mee understandss going to THE Vet’ss iss sorta sussy butt once yore there it iss Okay 😉


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