Taking notes for my Vet appointment…

I hear the Can Opener has plans to whisk me off to the vet again in a few days. But this time I’ll be ready.

I’ve got a surprise for them this time…

I made a new friend- and I’m taking notes!


9 thoughts on “Taking notes for my Vet appointment…

  1. Why do you have to go back to the vet? If you get a dental and they steal teeth, let me know because I am the Tooth Fairy of the cat blogosphere and will send you toys. XO

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    1. The Can Opener says it’s just to get my eye checked because it’s been watery lately- and she needs to make sure it’s okay- but Twilight is due for for annual checkup!- but you know…. I could pretend to have a toothache,….😹


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