Whiny Wednesday

I am not happy. Therefore, you shall pay.

I’ve got a bone to pick with that Human.

First, I don’t like my claws messed with and the Can Opener insists on tormeting me with those flipping clippers. She even said my back claws will be trimmed at the vets’ if I don’t let her do it.

We’ll see about that.

And, I don’t like the Furminator pet brush. It sounds too much like the “Terminator,” and everybody knows what that turned out to be.

I also don’t like my naps being interrupted which happens almost constantly throughout the day. How?

By the Can Opener using the blender for her smoothies, or sitting on the couch while I’m stretched out there sleeping- (just because likes to sit there, as though that’s an excuse)!

By the vaccuum cleaner. Her constant need to clean up all our beautiful fur off the couch, the carpet, the cat tree and everywhere else is getting old. Especially considering all the hard work Twilight and I do to improve the look of this place with our fur. Sometimes she can be so rude!

Then there’s the annoying noise from the dryer when she does the laundry, and it sounds like a siren coming through the living room.

Then, there’s her habit of opening the whole house up for “fresh air”- making sure that I can clearly hear every 2-legged critter in the neighborhood screaming, the cars and motorcycles racing down the streets, and all the annoying weed whackers used by the annoying whacky neighbors.

Don’t get me wrong- I don’t mind her having fresh air- I just want her to get it someplace else- like the Bermuda Triangle.

You’ve been warned, Human.

9 thoughts on “Whiny Wednesday

  1. You’re too funny,Sushi!
    It used to be when we had the dryer on, that Angel Toki, and Angel Minko would love it, cause they would jump on top of it and enjoy the warmth it made for them.
    Angel Simba and Angel Toki both loved the vacuum..they would wait where I usually stopped and then *they* got vacuumed, too! Imagine that!

    But…once when we got a new coffee maker, the then kitties were at first spooked by the new sounds it made, LOL!

    All of our 6 angels loved it when the windows were open for ‘getting the stink out’…because we enjoyed all the critter TV with the sound and whiffies turned on!

    Nail trimming was taboo here too, esp with our Angel-pup, MJF! He needed a muzzle or a professional!

    Now get your coffee and whatever calms you and enjoy some chill…even though its going to be a scorcher. (Heat index of 105!)

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    1. Nail trimming I hate wore than anything- except eye drops- The Can Opener confirmed she’s taking ME to the vet tomorrow instead of Twilight- my eye has been drippy and irritating me so she switched Twilight’s appointment to Monday so my eye can get checked tomorrow- I may be late posting tomorrow- depending on what the vet says. I’m going to try that cup of coffee- but it’s hard to calm down knowing I’m going to the vet tomorrow-I’ll let you know how it goes!


  2. Mew mew mew Sushi….mee so-o reelatess to what you shared!! Mee does not o out in Condo on patio much. Far too noisy with peeople an barkin Poochiess an loud zouped up truckss an motorcycless’ roarin an ‘fast an furreuss’ carss zoomin like our Street iss a Drag strip!!!!
    An sumtimess bad smellss…..
    Anywho it can bee diffycult fore sure.
    Mee does not mind vacuum as it makess rug nice an cleen fore mee to mess it up 😉
    BellaSita Mum KNOWSS to wake mee only fore snax or suppurr.
    Hu’manss are a furry funny bunch aren’t they??? 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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    1. Oh yes there sure are! My human woke me up from my afternoon nap for the vet today- I gave them both trouble! But I’m too wiped out from the battle to post tonight- my Van Opener says we’ll do it in the morning since the Critters won’t be here. Boy, do I have a LOT to complain about!


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