What did the vet DO!?

The Can Opener took Sushi to the vet today in my place…
MOM! I’m okay, really! Take Twilight- she has a headache- I’m sure she does!

Flourescent tears?? HOW!?

The Can Opener took Sushi in to see the vet today, and I’m going on Monday- she did it because Sushi’s eyes were super runny- every time Mom looked at her it looked like she had tears streaming down her face, and even though her eyes looked normal, Sushi kept pawing at them so Mom decided to take her to the vet and let me go in Sushi’s spot on Monday. (Gee, thanks, Mom- but I’ll pass).

I’d better get a ton of treats and some tuna for this, Mom. I know where you sleep!
Something doesn’t look right, Mom. What did they DO!?

The Can Opener had been noticing for the last week that Sushi’s eyes were draining- but she already had an appointment to take her to the vet on Monday. But when she saw that the other eye also had started draining a lot, she decided it probably shouldn’t wait til after the weekend and took her in to get checked out.

They did a special kind of eye exam they’d never done on Sushi before to make sure she didn’t have a scratched cornea or something stuck in her eye.

That meant the vet put some kind of drops in her eyes to numb them, and some kind of dye to make any injuries to the eye flourescent green! (Mom should’ve waited til Halloween)!

Poor Sushi was not happy- for the rest of the evening last night, Sushi’s watery eye was raining flourescent green tears!

Okay Mom, I’m glad that’s over and my eyes are okay- that’ll cost you two mackerel, two tunas, and a boatload of treats, please. You may pay up any time now.

We’re all happy to know that she doesn’t seem to have an injury to the eyes or anything in them, so she got to go home with a new and powerful antibiotic eye ointment the human has to hire the National Guard to put in her eyes three times a day now for the next two weeks. It took the vet, the assistant, and Mom to get the first ones in. I sure hope all those workouts the Can Opener did will pay off now- as for me, I’m going to get some popcorn and watch the fight!

This is going to be a great show!


15 thoughts on “What did the vet DO!?

  1. One of our kitties has to get drops for a cloudy eye so we h=can sympathize – with Sushu and with Thhe Can Opener ! We hope everyone will be all right.

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    1. Awww- I hope your kitty will be okay! I was cringing the whole time- because even though Sushi only goes out when I go out, there are still those times that Twilight is desperate to play, and swipes at her to try and get her to play, and I was scared to death that she was going to say Sushi had a scratched cornea!

      I was so relieved that she doesn’t – but it’s quite the battle to get those eye drops in her eye by myself 3 times a day.

      She put up quite a fight and was wiped out when we got home. So I’ve been spending a lot of time since last night just cuddling her and tending to her eye.


  2. Aww, that was a torturous day at the vet, Sushi…but really just let your Mom put in those drops, and if you cooperate it will be done in a flash and you can go back to napping, or cuddling…or having some yummy treats.

    The eye vet did that to petcretary once…and she was allergic…just be glad all you had was fluorescent tears…petcretary ended up with ‘shopping bags’ under her eyes…and red as blood eyes to boot…in other words a big mess! LOL!

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    1. Oh my fleas! I’d better warn Twilight! But she moves a lot faster than me with my 17 lbs of glory- the human probably won’t be able to catch her anyway! And the vet has me on a DIET! *pout*


    1. They seem to not be dripping as badly now- but I still have to give her the medicine 3 times a day- and it’s quite the battle. I can’t be sure how much of the ointment actually gets into her eyes!


  3. Deerest Sushi mee iss so sorry you went thru such a ruff time at Vet’ss two!!! It sure was NOT our week was it???? Nee nevurr daf fleur-escent eye dropss an mee thinkss mee not want them!
    “Angelss” Unkell Siddhartha an Aunty NYLABLUE an Grate Aunty Mingflower all had those fleur-escent dropss…
    Wee reeleeved you not have a scratchy on yore eye.
    An wee hope you will let Missus Cee-O put yore ointmint inn yore eyess (mew mew mew mew….)
    Guud Luck on Monday Twilight!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum


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