Sushi’s Monday Musings

We’re still waiting for that cup of coffee, and our treats, Human. Can you hurry it up?

Good grief! Our Can Opener takes so long to get around to making our coffee in the morning. She says it’s because she takes care of us first, but the way we see it, “taking care of us” involves treats and coffee too- not just food, medicine, fresh filtered water and a clean litterbox.

Get with it, human.

I know, right? I’ve been trying to talk to her about it- but I don’t want to upset her- yet.

Twilight, how else is she going to get used to giving in to our demands if you’re so polite? The least she could do is pour a cup for us to knock off the counter, but no. She insists on serving herself first!

Sushi, you’re just cranky because you’re on meds. Give the Human a break. You know she takes care of us.

Image by Kerry Bailey from Pixabay

Sure- But you know that failing to serve us our cream (I mean, coffee)- and treats is not the standard we set. But anyway, I had big plans for today, and now I don’t have the energy to carry them out. I need energy to rule the world!

Oh get real, Sushi. You and I both know that the one who opens the cans rules the world!


6 thoughts on “Sushi’s Monday Musings

  1. Have a great day after the coffee arrives…we just saw petcretary fishing her first one, wow, she was very late today…good thing that pawppy got us our breakfast…he does that for us, breakfast AND supper, too!
    We guess that’s why we had a day to honor him yesterday.

    Hugs to your Can Opener, it must have been hard to have that day this year…but we are sure you all sent your blessings and greetings to your Angel Dad. ((( ♥ )))


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