My turn at the vet- TODAY!

They assembled me all wrong!

I hope the Vet can fix me!

I guess this is why I have to go to the vet today- I feel fine- and I told Mom so- but for some reason she is insisting I have to go. I’m eating as usual, I’m playing as usual, picking on Sushi (as usual)- and chasing away all the would – be Can Opener stealers that keep showing up around here.

I’ve protested – but she’s not having it. And Sushi seems to be gloating that I’m going now. I’ll deal with her later!


I don’t wanna come out!
Well,… I like the tech and the vet- so MAYBE…

Well I’m glad I went now- (but I’m not letting Mom know)- the tech and the vet were so sweet to me and they didn’t poke me with any needles- and even offered me treats!

Best part is they told Mom I’m a very fit, healthy (and beautiful) little girl- and that my teeth look great! So, aside from them clipping my claws and recommending the Can Opener get me microchipped -(since I love to go out)- it wasn’t so bad. And (unlike Sushi)- I still weigh the same I did last year- 9.7 lbs of cuteness!

I just may forgive Mom- especially since she surprised me with a new dangly toy! 😹💚


25 thoughts on “My turn at the vet- TODAY!

      1. The human ones can be used for animals, too… just remember that us cats have a naturally higher body temp. Pops uses ours to check the vents to make sure the AC’s air is the correct temp.


  1. ***apawss apawss***
    One of us furinallee had a GUUD Vet xperience!!
    An you gotted a mew toy? Mee did two butt mee reefusin to play with it inn gennyral purrincipell 😉
    Glad all went so smoothly Twilight. And you are lookin mitey fine!
    Mee iss 9 pound an 2 ouncess same as last yeer allso….wee are so PAWSUM! 😉
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Same here!! An mee snax on Purrofrmatrim KITTEN Kibble….mee was underweight when mee arrived here an mee not LIKE Kibble….
        BellaSita Mum thorr shee wuud buy sampell packet of this Kibble an mee LOVESS it!
        Mee only eatss maybee 12-14 kibbless a day so mee not eat ALOT of it…just enuff tho’!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never heard of it here- but there’s always Amazon! I’ll look for it there- If I don’t like it, I know Sushi will- she’ll eat ANYTHING that doesn’t eat her first! 😹


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