Sushi’s Sunday Musings

I’ve got a lot on my mind today. Like, how can I make Mom forget she already fed me?
I don’t think that’s stealing… I think it’s “tasting.
Hey, Can Opener- bring me the remote and the nip, will ya?
Hey Can Opener! I want that kind of cat tree!!!


15 thoughts on “Sushi’s Sunday Musings

      1. Well then we’ll have to go hunt down some snakes and mice to play with! But my Can Opener won’t let me bring them in the house!! She’s such a PARTY POOPER!😹


    1. Mol! Me too!! I fix up the couch every morning with everything thing I need to groom Sushi, and I usually nibble on some walnuts or an apple and sip my first cup of coffee while Sushi snuggles on my lap and gets brushed- and it never fails, I finally get settled, and Sushi snuggles up on my lap and starts purring- then I realized my coffee is still sitting in the Kuerig- and Sushi gets mad if I move her to get my coffee! πŸ˜…

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