Cat Sleeping Positions?

Apparently your cat’s sleeping positions can tell you a lot about how your cat is feeling!

Can the way your cat sleeps tell you something?

Our Can Opener looks into almost everything imaginable about cats. We think she’s addicted- but that’s okay with us because it means we’re the BOSS! 😹😹

Sushi and I sleep in all kinds of positions- depending on whether or not the Critters are here, whether the Can Opener has the new electronic beast out, or whether or not there’s visitors. We’ll show you what our favorite sleeping positions are – (thanks to the Can Opener’s annoying habit of taking pictures of us- even when we’re BATHING!)😿

Then watch the video our Mom just watched and see what you think our pictures tell you about how Sushi and I feel!

First, the pictures- because we’re too cute for you to pass by and not look (and you know it)!

And now…. Here’s Jackson Galaxy to explain what different cat sleeping positions could mean! Enjoy!

So, What do you think?


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